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  1. Rimfire
    I recently got a nice Ruger 10/22 on special from Academy. Started the project by getting an Archangel stock and a .920 dia threaded bull barrel. Swapped out the trigger group with a Ruger BX-2 and added the extended magazine release. The next guy that has to change out that barrel is going to...
  2. Rimfire
    Dad gave me his 10/22 that he got with the AR556/10/22 promotion last year (or was it year before last?) so I finally got a 10/22, the first I’ve ever owned. On 10/22 day I ordered a BX trigger and extended mag release as well as 2 BX25 magazines and I finally took it to the range the other day...
  3. Rimfire
    What kind of wood is on this Ruger 10/22? It is a 1986 model. Is it birch? Walnut? I don’t think I have seen one with the natural striping effect in the wood like this.
1-3 of 90 Results