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  1. Rimfire
    I recently got a nice Ruger 10/22 on special from Academy. Started the project by getting an Archangel stock and a .920 dia threaded bull barrel. Swapped out the trigger group with a Ruger BX-2 and added the extended magazine release. The next guy that has to change out that barrel is going to...
  2. Rimfire
    Dad gave me his 10/22 that he got with the AR556/10/22 promotion last year (or was it year before last?) so I finally got a 10/22, the first I’ve ever owned. On 10/22 day I ordered a BX trigger and extended mag release as well as 2 BX25 magazines and I finally took it to the range the other day...
  3. Rimfire
    What kind of wood is on this Ruger 10/22? It is a 1986 model. Is it birch? Walnut? I don’t think I have seen one with the natural striping effect in the wood like this.
  4. Rimfire
    Picked up a lightly used 10/22 from Doug Bowser a few months ago. Older model with aluminum trigger guard, wood stock. Front barrel band had been deleted. Very few handling marks. Took it out to the range and it shot pretty good. In fact, it shot really good. @25 yards with open sights I could...
  5. Firearms Gallery
    How did you celebrate Ruger Day? I picked up my second Bisley Hunter, the new 45 Colt. Pairs nicely with the 44, don’t ya think? :)
  6. Rimfire
    Whatcha got?
  7. Rimfire
    Anyone ever tried a Volquartsen .22 short conversion kit for the Ruger 10/22?
  8. Mississippi Air Rifles
    Anyone here picked up one of the 10/22 air rifles yet ? Reviews look good co2 pellet rifle
  9. Rimfire
    We are finally getting it to shoot pretty good and it’s looking fairly decent too.
  10. Rimfire
    My youngest son was getting it done today with his new Ruger 22. CCI mini mags and subsonics were hitting the mark pretty good. The sticker on the left was 25 yards and the sticker on the right was 40.
  11. Rimfire
    My boys (7 & 9) and I, went to the Gun Show in Laurel, today. We got some .22LR paddles for our dueling tree from Phillip (@phillipd if you want steel to shoot he’s he man!) and spoke with Randy (@Southern Reloading if you need reloading stuff he’s the man!) for a minute. It’s always great to...
  12. Rimfire
    Ruger just upped the "ante" and the "game" in the high end competition 10/22 market... :cool: Ruger® Custom Shop 10/22® Competition Rifle
  13. General Firearms Discussion
    Has anybody tried one of these on an unthreaded Ruger 10/22? Ruger 1022 10/22 Thread Barrel Adapter 1/2-28 1/2"x28 Slip On Adapter 686751090059 | eBay
  14. Rimfire
    I put this one together a few years ago. Grandson no longer has any use for it. Had to go North last weekend so I picked it up. I built this one for me. Left handed stock custom built trigger group has a 2 lb. trigger group got to shoot it about 10 times before I decided he needed a better rifle...
  15. Rimfire
    Gonna be one fun little range burner. Bipod will be replaced with a much nicer Atlas knockoff. Also need a sturdier folding adapter that doesn't wiggle so bad. The bag is actually really nice. And the sweet patch was a plus. Range report soon!
  16. Rimfire
    Picked one of these up awhile back. Seems to shoot great. Anyone else have one?
  17. Rimfire
    Anybody have any opinions on the Ruger BX trigger
  18. Rimfire
    Thinking about doing a minor build on a 10/22. I did one years ago and let my grandson use it haven't seen it again. This one I thinking about an E. R Shaw barrel and a hogue over molded stock. Anybody have any other ideas. This one is going to be more or less budget
  19. Rimfire
    Bought a new to me 10/22 today. Honestly I bought it because I have never seen one like it.It has engraved checkering with Ruger birds and 10/22 Classic also engraved in the stock and has a schnabel forearm and no pistol grip[English]. Anybody know anything about this variant ?
  20. General Firearms Discussion
    What’s your guys thoughts on building 10/22 rifles ... who would rather just buy on built already