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  1. Rimfire
    Picked one of these up awhile back. Seems to shoot great. Anyone else have one?
  2. Rimfire
    Anybody have any opinions on the Ruger BX trigger
  3. Rimfire
    Thinking about doing a minor build on a 10/22. I did one years ago and let my grandson use it haven't seen it again. This one I thinking about an E. R Shaw barrel and a hogue over molded stock. Anybody have any other ideas. This one is going to be more or less budget
  4. Rimfire
    Bought a new to me 10/22 today. Honestly I bought it because I have never seen one like it.It has engraved checkering with Ruger birds and 10/22 Classic also engraved in the stock and has a schnabel forearm and no pistol grip[English]. Anybody know anything about this variant ?
61-64 of 90 Results