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  1. Gunsmithing
    Having problems with my 3 gun 1100 not locking back when shot to empty. Also when racking the bolt back heavily, it will not catch and stay open.
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hello: Just purchased a new forearm for a project Remington 1100. Afterwards, noticed that the stock was redone at some point and is not the same color as forearm. I believe the forearm is original. The stock is in need of refurbishing. What color wood stain did Remington use back in the...
  3. Gunsmithing
    Hello: Does anyone have a standard barrel for a Remington 1100 gauge in the Starkville area? Thanks
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    I need help dating a Remington 1100 410 shotgun. It has 25" full choke barrel. Serial # is R004069h and barrel code is CL. I understand it to be 1991 but I thought choke tubes were in all shotguns by 1987. Any help appreciated.
21-24 of 47 Results