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  1. Happy almost 100 years old to this Colt 1903 32

    General Firearms Discussion
    Serial number shows 1918'ish manufacture date or so. One of my great uncles owned this gun. Left it in the wrong kind of case and it pitted it all up. I used a scotchbrite wheel on a drill to polish some it up some. Is she ugly? Yes... but still fun, no not fun, that is the wrong word...
  2. Colt's 1903 Pocket Hammer Pistol

    1903 Colt’s Pocket Hammer .38 Automatic This pistol was manufactured in 1917. It is in .38 Colt Automatic. This cartridge is dimensionally the same as the .38 Super but, .38 Super cartridges should not be fired in it. The bluing is 80-85%, with some surface discoloration. The original magazine...
  3. US Springfield Armory 1903 Sporter - need input

    Long Guns
    I've done some google-fu but I guess maybe I'm hunting for a needle in a haystack. All I found was mfg date of 1937, which the general census seems to be it's quite ok to fire, not old enough to be wary of with full loads. Aaaaaand, that is about it. It seems to be in excellent condition...