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  1. Citadel 1911 45acp

    New Member Welcome Center
    Amyone know much about a citadel 1911 45acp? Decent gun?
  2. 1911 magazine ID

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    I've noticed some members very knowledgeable with 1911's. Maybe you can help identity this magazine. I had a Colt 1911 made in 1918 and sold it years ago. It came with the two tone magazine and another magazine. The two tone went with the sale and I kept this magazine. I searched to no avail...
  3. Custom 1911 grip work.

    General Firearms Discussion
    Do any of y’all know someone that could take a pair of medallions and insert them into some 1911 grips. I could try it with a drimmel tool but these will be on one of my nicer pistols and I really want it to be professional looking. Thanks
  4. SDS 1911

    I’d never heard of one until the other day. Seems to be a decent pistol for the money, sort of like the Norinco’s back in the day. J.B. SDS Imports 1911 A1 US Army Pistol .45 ACP 5-inch 7Rds
  5. RIA 1911 Baby Rock .380 ACP

    I ordered a Rock Island Armory 1911 "Baby Rock" in .380 ACP from Bud's Gun Shop. Just picked it up at my LGS last week. I really like this little RIA. Being a 1911 (just on a smaller scale), I'm already familiar with the operation, and being a .380, it's very pleasant to shoot. I've had a...
  6. 1911 Woes

    Well what a time. I had got a few 1911 parts from Ellis that used to be on the Springfield 1911 I sold him. I put the US grips on my Commander, a arched mainspring housing with lanyard loop, and then the mil spec grip safety and spur hammer. I was happy as a lark. :) Then.................I...
  7. Trump 1911

    I vaguely remember someone somewhere asking about one of these. Palmetto State has them in stock.
  8. 1911 mods

    Well last time home I traded for a nice ATI 4.25" Commander 1911. Now I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with it. Thanks allot Ellis for posting pics of what you did with yours. For now I have ordered a ED Brown sear, and a 20# mainspring and recoil spring to go in it. The...
  9. Essex 1911 build 45 ACP

    Firearms Gallery
    Pick this up at coast Pawn Shop a few weeks ago. A lot of back and forth before I got them down from 499$ to a number I could live with. I told them since it was built I was taking all the risk. Owner said it fired and would guarantee it. Good guy. When I got home it fired but on third round...
  10. 1911

    New to me 1911. Got to put 5 rounds threw it and going to like it. Actually felt good shooting it, missed the way a 1911 feels compared to the tupperware handguns. Got to paint the front sight so I can see it. And if I sell the Vortex Venom I'll buy some night sights for it.
  11. 1911

    Well had a good meet up today and even got back into the 1911’s. Now I need to work up a load for this one. Also need to get some light bollits for it.
  12. Screw the internet......I’m posting 1911 pictures lol

    my modest collection of working 1911,they get shot. I have 6 others mothballed,more of investment (colt,old and new mix) and not to be shot (one I did,enjoyed it but wished I hadn’t). Hopefully they keep growing as I do enjoy tinkering with them,as money and time allows. Top to bottom RIA...
  13. 1911 in 22 lr

    General Firearms Discussion
    Been thinking about getting a 1911 in 22 lr for my boy. Not going to lie, I think I would have fun with it too . Was wondering if anybody had any experience with them? ATI imports an inexpensive model. And Chiappa makes one for like 200 on buds. The ati reviews seem a little more consistently...
  14. Best entry level Mil-spec 1911 for the money

    I've been seeing this Springfield Amory Mil-spec 1911 Defenders series at a very reasonable price lately. I have never owned a Springfield. It looks like a great deal on a fine looking pistol. I had a Taurus PT-1911 for a short time, and would love to have a nice Colt, or Kimber 1911, but those...
  15. 1911 - Fix It or Return It???

    I picked up this 1911 a couple of weeks ago for a good deal. It's a 1976 Colt Series 70 9mm that has been built into a .38 Super competition gun. I took it apart to clean it after I got home and found an issue with it. There is a crack in the frame in front of the frame rail where the...
  16. 1911

    Firearms Gallery
    Ruger 1911
  17. Kimber 1911 .45s - Like or dislike? What’s your experience?

    I’m thinking of getting an Ultra carry 2. Are they reliable?
  18. Norinco 1911 vs regent 1911

    I have a guy wants to trade me one of them for My springfield xde....only problem is i have no idea about the norinco or the regent. Can i get some opinions please
  19. New to me 1911

    General Firearms Discussion
    I recently had the opportunity to aquire a full size 1911. Having always been wary of the issues accompanying most low end variants, I usually find my wallet lacking the essential green required to get the real deal. This pistol seemed to start out the same way, because I had never heard of...
  20. Colt 1911 .22lr Rail Gun replacement sights?

    General Firearms Discussion
    I am looking for mainly just the rear night/fiber optic sight portion for this pistol. Friend does not want to spend a lot of money on these sights as the pistol is just a beater/cheapo pistol to him. I have seen the Dawson sights, but figured there has to be some other company manufacturing...