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2gun in june

  1. TMMG May Carbine Match - Saturday, May 20

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s May Carbine Match Saturday, May 20 This will be our first match with 5 stages on 5 bays so come enjoy our newly added range! Also thank a BoD member when you see one for taking notice of our participation numbers and granting us more ranges to better accommodate...
  2. 3Gun at Battlefield (Collinsville/Meridian) this Saturday (3/11)

    Battlefield (Meridian) has a 3Gun coming up this Saturday (3/11) at 8 AM. Four stages to shoot. You'll need 100 rounds pistol, 50 birdshot, and 50 rifle. https://practiscore.com/2017-zombie-shoot-hosted-b…/register