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  1. Long Guns
    I bought this several years ago because it was extremely cheap as a future project. Well I hung it on the wall and pretty much left it there for the last 6yrs along with a horribly used/abused Winchester lever gun (Rusty chamber/rifling) in the same caliber. Today I decided to tear it down while...
  2. Long Guns
    Anyone got a Henry 30-30? Or a 30-30 in general? I’m debating getting one and want some input.
  3. Firearms Gallery
    little savage model 340 e with leupold vx2
  4. Firearms Gallery
  5. Long Guns
    If you could only have one what would be your choice for a 30-30 and would there be any certain year you would want?
  6. Gunsmithing
    I am over several weeks, going to attempt to restore a Marlin 30-30 to a rifle that I want to keep. My arm has been hurting some as I try to also restore it. I have maybe 15% function of my rt.arm at present but 90% function of my rt.hand. So I may have to rest a day or two if I over do it. I...
  7. Firearms Gallery
    Took the Wichita out today and shot it a few times at 50 yards. I fired 5 shots with some jacketed handloads that came with the gun, then switched to some of my cast loads, then fired one more round of the jacketed ammo. The sixth shot was in the orange. The others are my first 5. That’s a 2”...
  8. Reloading/Ammunition
    Anyone got a starting recipe for: 30-30 165 grain FN Sized .309 Got 2 rifles loading for: 1. Marlin Microgroove 2. Savage 340 I realize probably no good for Microgroove but a possible for Savage. Unique 7-10 gr. ???? ????
  9. Long Guns
    Mounted a Skinner peep on my #1 today. It is a handsome sight for a handsome rifle. The screws were a little long so I had to trim them back a little. Did that and got the sight mounted this morning. I “sighted it in” by lining the peep up with the front and rear sights, took it outside and...
  10. Handguns
    Here is another odd one I’m lucky enough to be caretaker of for a while. Made late 70s/ early 80s as a competitor in the single shot class of the Silhouette game, this pistol is said to rival the TC in accuracy. They came in several different calibers. This one is a 30-30. It’s actually a...
  11. Long Guns
    I know that some of you hunt with 30-30 carbines and rifles. I think that we have discussed it before but some of you also know how our memories need to be told again when we get older like me. With all the new loads out there, what bullets and cartridges do you use to kill whitetail deer. What...
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    This has probably been discussed already. Any recommendations for which brand of 30-30 lever action rifle? I hear good and not so good things about the current state of Marlin levers. Thanks in advance . Keith