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300 blackout

  1. Optics and Accessories
    Any of you guys have any experience with one of the ACOG with the 300 BLK Crosshair Reticle? How do you like it / how does the BDC work for you? I am running a red dot currently but have been looking at the ACOG with the 300 BLK Crosshair Reticle since they came out.
  2. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Did this a few weeks ago and wanted to share. Upper uses the BMS shrouded 10.5 barrel that a suppressor will fit inside, but the welded shroud keeps it a non-SBR. Lower is a MSF billet with Maxim CQB stock and a rise 3.5lb drop in trigger. Will probably do a video soon to show how the BMS...