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  1. Long Guns
    Pretty good article. .308 Win. vs .300 Win. Mag: Ballistics, Cost, and Accuracy I've been a fan of .308/7.62 for a long time and have owned several rifles in that caliber, the most accurate of which was a Remington 700 ADL. I've wanted a .300 Win Mag a few times, but have yet to buy one. But...
  2. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer’s New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer's New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD Specs Caliber: .308 Winchester Barrel Length: 16 inches Overall Length: 37 inches Barrel Twist: 1:10 inches Overall Height: 8...
  3. Reloading/Ammunition
    Alright, I've been at this a while, but I ran in to something interesting. I have loaded .308 for a Browning Safari type for years without any issues and great accuracy. I recently came in to possession of a T/C Compass in .308 and started loads for it. Btw, the Compass is an amazing little...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Just as the title states.
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    Hey folks, I got this mauser carbine made in Belgium. Has the 1890's proof marks, some czech parts on it, swedish 1.5' front sight, 18" barrel?, matching bolt/receiver/barrel #157. FN re-barreled this. My theory is that it was a m24/30 and became a Belgian reservist rifle tossed in an armory and...
  6. "Boolit" Casting
    Anybody tried shooting powder coated 180 gr cast out of 308? If so what kind of velocities are possible and are gas checks necessary?
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    XGI: That time that Ruger made the Mini-14 in .308 (VIDEO)
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with these? Looking for 308 with a touch more power. My understanding is that these can be made off a .308 win chamber and not much else will change
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    Anybody own one of these or know the good or bad on them?
  10. Reloading/Ammunition
    7.62 NATO vs .308 Winchester Ammo, What’s The Difference? "Where you need to be careful is using .308 Winchester commercial ammo in a 7.62x51mm NATO chambered rifle."
  11. Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    There are limited quantities of the Special Field Grades, $830 and the .308 Specials, $1030 available by mail order. Check out website for grading details and ordering information. M1 Garand - Civilian Marksmanship Program
  12. Reloading/Ammunition
    I recently converted my MG34 to shoot 7.62 Nato. Anyone else have one? I'm reloading and I'm trying to get the optimum load as in how much FPS should I be looking at for smooth operation. Right now I'm running M62 tracers with 43 grns of IMR 4064. Any advice is appreciated as I'm no...
  13. General Firearms Discussion
    Stag Arms drops new line of .308 rifles, available now
  14. Long Guns
    New Spanish .308 hunting rifle coming to states
  15. Reloading/Ammunition
    Only saw one thread that mentioned Whidden Dies. Are they worth the extra $? Are either going to make much of a difference if not shooting a trued, super awesome straight shooter (S.A.S.S.- :D)