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  1. Reloading for my revolver 38 vs 357

    Want to start reloading for my revolver and lever action, I manly shoot 38's in both of them. So I got to thinking is it better to load 38's or just load 357's light? My thought is the the 357's will be a little cleaner since the case fills more of the cylinder on the revolver (may be a mute...
  2. 357 Maximum, maybe not for me.

    General Firearms Discussion
    I recently purchased a new Henry SS 357 magnum. I sent it to Mr. Maximum and he converted it to 357 Max. It shoots great! I mounted a scope to check it for accuracy a 4-112x and can stack cast bullets on top of each other. I was planning to add a Leupold 1-5x for everyday use. Here comes the...
  3. 357 AR Max

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    357 AR max - AR15.COM Thoughts?
  4. 3” 357 LCRX

    Saw this today. May be old news. Ruger® LCRx® Double-Action Revolver Model 5444
  5. Man kills 679lbs black bear with a .357!

    Press Talk
    Pennsylvania man kills 679-pound male black bear at 5 yards with .357 handgun: report If I were insane enough to handgun hunt bears I’d go with .44mag or 10mm minimum but I’d be happier with a .454Casul, .460S&W, or .500S&W would be better.
  6. My new Freedom Arms 357 Silhouette

  7. My 357 Single Six in the field

    Firearms Gallery
    Not hunting, but usually take something along just in case a coyote or other critter pops up. All I’ve seen today is a turkey.
  8. 357 Sig for deer?

    So, I’ve never really looked at the 357 Sig, but with all the LEO trade in G22s popping up so cheap lately it has got me pondering. How good of a whitetail deer round could the 357 Sig be for deer? I always hear it described as “awesome” or “a hot little round”, but I only know one person that...
  9. S&W 357

    Can anyone pass along some info on th model 13-3 357? Possibly going to take a chabce on ine but din't know much about them. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. 357 for Shelia

    I couldn't get my camera to load.(Borrowed pic from Buds) Shelia didn't like racking her 380 so I bought this Taurus 605 357MG 2" barrel. I'll load it with 38sp till she gets used to it. Got a speed loader also.
  11. 357 Sig self defense loads

    Looking at developing a SD load. Looking at using BE-86 and 124 hornady XTPs. Anyone had experience with this load especially the bullet?