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3gun in april

  1. TMMG’s April Multigun – Sunday, April 22, 2018

    Five stages for this match. One 3GN Classifier, four stages of TMMG design. We will have paper and steel targets. Paper can be engaged with rifle, pistol (PCC), or shotgun slug. Steel can be engaged with pistol or birdshot. Green tip ammo is ok for paper. We will allow shooters to register to...
  2. Team Magnolia Multigun Club's New Website

    Shooters, I made a website for the multigun club. I plan on using as the primary outlet of information, but I will of course stay on here and Facebook. Check it out here!
  3. Newest Industry Sponsor - Teal Blue Bravo LLC

    Shooters, I wanted to announce our newest industry sponsor, Teal Blue Bravo LLC. I have been dealing with this company for a few years now, because I like their PDQ lever on my rifles. I recently ordered some for David and I, and I decided to reach out to the company to see what they could...
  4. Team Magnolia Multigun Shooter of the Year Program

    Shooters, I came up with the idea to have a sort of a points race for our matches, like a league of sorts to track participation and performance. One of our shooters, Justin Myers, figured out a formula that makes it work. What we did was assign a number of points based solely on the shooter...
  5. Valentine's Day 2Gun Match - Saturday, February 18

    Valentine’s 2Gun Match Saturday, February 18 Register on Practiscore 4 stage match. 3 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier. Classifier this month is 3GN 13-17, which is a pistol classifier consisting of 16 rounds and one mandatory reload. Divisions: Factory Practical Unlimited Heavy...
  6. Updated January 2Gun Match Announcement - Sunday, January 22

    There was just too much to change in the old thread, so I made a new one. 2Gun Match - Rifle/Pistol 5 stage match. 4 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier. 3GN membership is NOT required to compete, NOR is membership of Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club required. The...