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  1. Stevens 301 .410 = H&R?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Friend of mine bought the Stevens for his daughters. Stock is a little long, and so are the youth models. Was wondering if anyone knows whether the 301 has the same stock pattern as the H&R or similar enough to use H&R aftermarket stocks. Found a stock set that has AR style 6-position stock that...
  2. Winchester Model 42

    General Firearms Discussion
    I have a pretty much mint condition 1952 Model 42. It’s been in the safe since I’ve had it. Would I be an idiot to take it out and shoot for a day?
  3. Project: Corncob forearm for my Mossberg .410

    Long Guns
    I love my little Mossberg .410 but I hate this forearm. I want a “corncob” type forearm but can’t find one. I about to take the saws and sanders to this one. If it goes south I can always order a new one from Mossberg. The action on this one was a little stiff so I filled it full of valve...
  4. Recently acquired Savage 24, .22 over .410

    Long Guns
    I just got through adding a recoil pad and refinishing the wood. The case colors are still amazing on this old gun. A big thanks to a fellow forumite who sold it to me! Before After
  5. Stevens .410 double barrel model 311 value?

    Long Guns
    I found a Stevens model 311 .410 3" magnum double barrel in a pawn shop. It was probably made sometime in the 60's or early 70's. It is in decent shape but is plain jane with some finish wear. It was listed at $399.00 but the guy at the counter offered it at $325.00 otd. I am not up to...