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  1. Citadel 1911 45acp

    New Member Welcome Center
    Amyone know much about a citadel 1911 45acp? Decent gun?
  2. DW VS. WC

    General Firearms Discussion
    I'd like to get the views of the smart people here on MSGO. I've been kicking around the idea of getting a new 1911 for EDC. Both Dan Wesson and Wilson Combat offer a discount program for VETS, of course the WC's are more expensive even with the discount. I'm looking at a 4" barrel, but...
  3. Need help with 45ACP and Power Pistol

    Sorry for the long post. Got some Power Pistol powder to try. Will be using 230gr FMJ bullets from RMR I have 4 sources of data that I'm looking at that are kind of conflicting. Alliant powder site lists 8.1 max (minus 10% = 7.29 for starting) for a 230gr speer TMJ RN bullet Lyman 49th lists...
  4. Which do you prefer 45acp or 40 S&W?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Thinking about getting either a 40 or 45 one day and leaning towards a 45acp. Was wondering which the 40 or 45 and what handgun the members on here preferred?
  5. Making of the 1911 45ACP During WWII - Union Switch & Signal

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    No sound - but interesting .... .. Check out the "help" at around the 6:24 min mark!!