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  1. Rossi Circuit Judge

    Rossi Circuit Judge

    It’s a Rossi circuit judge by Taurus shoots both 45 Lc and 410. 5 shot it comes with 2 chokes and has fiber optic sights. It shoots great. It is really fun to plink with. 500 obo or trade
  2. Philippine Armscor

    Saw today Armscor brass that was listed as "PH". When I looked it up the only thing I found was that it was made in the Philippines. Anyone know anything about it? I didn't get any because I just wasn't sure.
  3. Lever Gun Fans - 1866 vs 1873

    Long Guns
    Question for all you lever guys. I've been wanting a lever gun (along with a bunch of other stuff). Been toying with CAS, have an Uberti pistol in 45LC and was thinking of getting either a yellow boy or a 1873....thoughts? Also been leaning towards Uberti as the brand.