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  1. Rossi Circuit Judge

    It’s a Rossi circuit judge by Taurus shoots both 45 Lc and 410. 5 shot it comes with 2 chokes and has fiber optic sights. It shoots great. It is really fun to plink with. 500 obo or trade
  2. Reloading/Ammunition
    Saw today Armscor brass that was listed as "PH". When I looked it up the only thing I found was that it was made in the Philippines. Anyone know anything about it? I didn't get any because I just wasn't sure.
  3. Long Guns
    Question for all you lever guys. I've been wanting a lever gun (along with a bunch of other stuff). Been toying with CAS, have an Uberti pistol in 45LC and was thinking of getting either a yellow boy or a 1873....thoughts? Also been leaning towards Uberti as the brand.
1-3 of 9 Results