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  1. FN America Awarded $119 Million Army Contract for M4A1 Carbines

    General Firearms Discussion
    FN America Awarded $119 Million Army Contract for M4A1 Carbines - The Truth About Guns The military may be interested in other calibers, but the US Army has just awarded FN America a big contract to crank out thousands of M4’s chambered in good ol’ 5.56 over the next five years. As the Defense...
  2. Anyone Missing an AR?

    Press Talk
    This mutt was arrested in Vicksburg with an AR, and as a convicted felon, he didn't buy it legally. Police: Man arrested in Vicksburg for having over 500 grams of meth
  3. Pentagon Looks to Buy 167,000 More M4 Carbines

    Press Talk
    Pentagon Looks to Buy 167,000 More M4 Carbines :: Guns.com The U.S. Army Contracting Command at Picatinny Arsenal has issued a request for proposal that could mean a lot of work for a pair of domestic M4 carbine makers. The solicitation, posted earlier this month, is for as many as 167,195 M4...
  4. 5.56 / .223 Small Base Die

    So, what's everybody's favorite? Started looking at some last night, and posted reviews are all over the place. One consistent factor - use lots of lube (which I do). Also, since I use a full length sizer to size and deprime, do I need to get the set, or just the FL sizer/decapper? These are...
  5. 5.56 AR “Pistol” question

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I’m thinking I need one of these for home defense. It should be considerably lighters and more maneuverable than a 16” or even a 14” with stakes flash suppressor.. With that in mind, my question is, 8.5” vs 10” barrel, which should I go with? Why? I’ve never shot an AR with less than a 16”...
  6. 5.56 Neck and Throat Reamer

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I want to ream my .223 Savage barrel with a 5.56 neck and throat reamer only. I have been looking but don't find one I can rent. Gonna do this to make sure I am ok shooting the 5.56. Any of you guys know where I can locate one? I can find the finish reamer but am afraid of it, as I could really...
  7. 5.56 neck and throat reamer?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Got a Savage .223. Want to shoot 5.56 (just for S & G). How can I tell if my chamber is too tite for 5.56? Can I slip a 5.56 round (type I have to shoot) in the chamber and expect to see it have resistance to bolt closure? If not....am I good ? Does anyone rent the above mentioned reamers? I...
  8. Single shot 5.56

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Do they make a single shot rifle that will handle the 5.56 round? I know they have the.223 but it’s safe to shoot the 5.56 in them?
  9. .223 vs 5.56 question

    Long Guns
    Why are not all rifles accepting these 2 rounds not in Wylde chambering? Is the .223 inherently more accurate in it's own chambering and same for 5.56? Think if I were a manufacturer, I would want my rifle as versatile as possible, hence the Wylde chamber. Ruger does a lot of theirs like this if...
  10. Hornady unveils new Frontier Cartridge in 223 Rem and 5.56 NATO

    General Firearms Discussion
    Hornady unveils new Frontier Cartridge in 223 Rem and 5.56 NATO
  11. Good article on .223 rifle shooting 5.56

    General Firearms Discussion
    5.56 vs .223 - What You Know May Be Wrong - LuckyGunner.com Labs
  12. What is the cheapest 5.56 AR you can buy?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Balderdash to the minutia...what is the cheapest AR (5.56/.223) you can buy?
  13. 120rd can of 62gr Federal 5.56 green tip $50

    MidState Firearms
    $50 cash, $55 card, picked up in Clinton. 6012019665 50 cans available
  14. A little info please.... 5.56 vs 223

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Hello all, I am more of an antique weapons kind of guy BUT I am starting to step into the world of the AR15 somewhat. I have a question that is going around in my head and I know you AR guys can help me with it. I see a lot of AR shooters want the 5.56 barrels because you can shoot 5.56 OR 223...