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  1. Finally finished 6.8

    Firearms Gallery
    Something else always seemed to get my time. Bison Armory bbl that I can’t wait to get zeroed in. Then get some 200 gr subsonic loaded up for her. Hoping to get sighted in today.
  2. Get ready for the 6.8 SPC !

    General Firearms Discussion
    This is probably the round that should have been developed instead of screwing around with the .222 round. Stoner designed his gun to shoot the 7.62 x 51mm/.308 anyway. He was asked to scale it down, but to 5.56? The 6.8 will be a perfect balance of ballistics. Long range, more power and...
  3. 6.8 SPC?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Any 6.8 shooters in here? If so, what is your opinion or experience with this ammo?
  4. Comparing 6.8 SPC to 308 Win

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Talking to a buddy and was discussing 16" AR10 308 vs 16" AR15 6.8 earlier so i ran the numbers. Sure you can compare a 20" 308 bolt action to an AR. But keeping everything the "same" the 6.8 actually comes out looking pretty dang good considering the 308 might run 2# heavier. 308 with 165gr...
  5. My first AR build, 6.8 mm SPC II

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Well, I finished my first build today. It is built on a Anderson lower and a PSA upper. AR15 Performance 19" barrel AR15 Performance flash hider AR15 6.8 bolt Magpul ACS stock White Oak Armament 12.5" Varmint handguard Hogue over-molded pistol grip Burris 3-9x scope Burris PEPR mount Champion...
  6. 6.8 SPC Load Data

    Goin to try and get all the data i have on this one thread. Dropbox - Sierra_6.8_REM_SPC_AR_15.pdf Dropbox - 6.8_Testing_report.pdf Dropbox - 6.8-SPC-II.pdf Dropbox - 6-8mmRemingtonSPCWeb.pdf Dropbox - 6.8 data.ppt Dropbox - 6.8 SPC Hand Loading Data.pdf
  7. Closed 6.8 SPC Brass Group Buy

    Group Buys
    Hey guys, I have a Coupon for Nosler and will be buying some 6.8 brass. I just got 1500 pieces in yesterday and it looks really good. OAL only varied .003" on the 25 i measured. I can get it shipped for about 43 cents each. SSA Brass 6.8mm SPC (100ct) Im not quite sure how to get the brass to...
  8. Can I use AR15 .223 mags for 6.8 SPC? I have heard yes and no.

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    If I need special mags I need to start hunting them down. Thanks
  9. Anyone here have a 6.8 AR?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I was reading about the 6.8 round tonight. It looks like a great idea that did not catch on very well. I checked my reloading manuals and it looks as though it would make a good plinker defense or venison rifle. Anyone shoot the 6.8? This article has me thinking about one. Thanks, BL
  10. Now offering 6.8 SPC uppers

    MidState Firearms
    16" 6.8 SPC II Ar15 Upper Receiver with Free Float Rail 16" barrels currently. We have many handguards to choose from.