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    Didn’t know Academy Sports was selling stripped lowers. Not a bad price. I have never seen Savage stripped lowers for sale.
  2. Press Talk
    Underlined bold above is mine. Academy Sports Re-Hires Manager Who Tackled Gun Thief
  3. Press Talk
    Unbelievable!! :mad: He was fired "for laying hands on a customer". Since when is a thief a "customer"? :mad: Academy Sports manager fired after tackling gun theft suspect
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Wow , ordered 6 different items with gift cards curiosity of work from the Academy Sports online. Qualified for free shipping on all items. Package 1 is in transit, yep package 1, they are going to send each item as a separate shipment, LOL. Kinda hard to believe they are not going broke...
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    Got an email from Academy Sports that said you can now order guns online from Academy. I stop tonight at the one in Gulfport on the way to work and talk to the guy back at the gun counter and said yeah they got a deal with Sports South in Louisiana. You go to the Academy web site find the gun...
  6. Press Talk
    BREAKING BREAKING: Orlando Looters Barricaded In Academy Sports Store With Stolen Guns – SWAT Standoff BY OFFICER BLUE ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 42 COMMENTS Armed looters are in a standoff with SWAT at Academy Sports in Orlando. Armed Thieves In Standoff At Academy Sports In Orlando Orlando, FL...
  7. Rimfire
    They were 79.99 and they had at least 20.
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Read in the paper that an Academy store is going to be built in Madison, with groundbreaking in June. Hobby Lobby, Academy at center of new retail center - Madison County Journal - Madison County Mississippi Dave