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  1. Press Talk
    Sometimes not so "sweet". But an interesting comment in this report of yesterday's fight. "Several shoppers were seen with their guns drawn." Hear shots, get your iron out. Let's say there were 5000 shoppers in the mall. I'd bet my last dollar at least 1000 of them were carrying. :) Excerpt:
  2. Press Talk
    Kimber will expand to Alabama in 2019 Kimber announced this week it will expand operations to central Alabama in 2019. The new design, engineering and manufacturing facility in Troy will expand Kimber’s footprint to three states, including its home base in New York and a plant in Montana...
  3. Press Talk
    Here's a good summary by Mark Levin: My take on the timing and (lack of) "evidence" is that this is a hit by Dems and RINO swamp critters unified to prevent any more Tea Party conservative types from getting in their private club (the Senate). Worst case if he gets elected and resigns is...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Alabama AG asks public for help in locating guns stolen from evidence vault "The attorney general in Alabama is asking residents there to look out for stolen guns after more than 200 firearms were taken from the evidence vault at the Selma Police Department earlier this year." ... Marshall says...
  5. Press Talk
    Some of y'all are spending way to much on hog hunting equipment....all you need is a .38! Alabama hunter shoots down 820-pound wild hog in front yard
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    Steyr moving manufacturing from Austria to Alabama Not a huge workforce increase, but good for Alabama!