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  1. Gunsmithing
    Been a busy few days, I was all caught up then I had 7 shotguns show up in 2 days ranging from a Stoeger to a Kreighoff K80. Few rebuilds, some adjustable butt pads and a few repair jobs . Thankful for the business. Just a few pics from some of them The $2200 TsK stock
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  3. Outdoors
    All species? :eek: Hmmmm. Gotta wonder about this. Picked up this sticker at local processor. :lol5:
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Where in the Constitution does it say people can have all the guns the want? It doesn’t. What it does say is this: … the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[1] Let’s take a deeper look, shall we. The Right of the People… If we look to the Declaration of...
  5. Firearms Gallery
    I have been looking for a 77/22 in 22LR Stainless Steel with Laminated Stock for a while to go with my standard 77/22 blue steel walnut stock made in 1984, out of nowhere a ole friend called me this week wanting to sell one, after a little back and forth I bought it, it has the 24” varmit barrel...
  6. "Boolit" Casting
    then spun out of control! Lol In the beginning,it was just casting for the 45colt round. Nothing but a dripping lee pot,a two cavity 255gn mold,and some toilet bowl wax ring/2cycle oil combination lube......cut out by a modified 45/70 case. Worked out well just......slow lol Notice the...
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    Colt Python Stainless .41 mag - Revolvers at GunBroker.com : 820875454 I have asked does he have a letter, if I had a 41 python, I would have a letter. but that is me
  8. New Member Welcome Center
    Just saying hello to all my beautiful. Deplorable. Bitter. Gun owners in Mississippi........iam by the waynesboro area
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    This is a "gun gripes" episode from IV8888, I understand that some people may have mixed feelings about him and his channel or just "guntube" personalities in general. What he and his guest is discussing here is very interesting and offers more insight that people may not consider, Gun Gripes...
  10. Handguns
    Made me get one of my little buddies out today. This is a Cimmaron Lightning. 6 shot 38 on a Single Six sized frame. A blast to shoot although I have a ton of trouble seeing that little sight. Gonna have to get the rear soght groove widened or have S&W sights installed. I thought I had an...
  11. Press Talk
    Per the Navy Times: Navy drops all criminal charges against commander, junior officer in Fitzgerald collision cases Funny how the TV series "SEAL TEAM" just featured a plotline that began with the SEAL team going in to recover electronic cyber warfare gear from a Chinese plane that crashed on an...
  12. Press Talk
    Germany has joined Australia and Great Britain in banning takeoffs, landings, and air flight over German airspace. Germany bans Boeing 737 MAX 8 from airspace | DW | 12.03.2019
  13. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Let's take a look at what it would cost a rookie - someone who has never even considered carrying and has never touched a gun in their life - to get themselves up to a level of proficiency that would give them a reasonable chance of surviving a gunfight. Firearm -$500 minimum for a common 9mm...
  14. Long Guns
    Thanks to a tip from another forum member I picked up one of the rarest 788’s, the 30/30 version. I cleaned it up and refinished the stock. I used 9 coats of Tru-oil sanded between each coat. I rubbed the last coat out with pumice and gave it a nice satin tone. The last step was Johnson paste...
  15. Handguns
    If you are into the following... :) Taurus .45 ACP Bling!!! This just might be your gun... :cool: Perfect for Saturday nite... when ya might need a flashy and shiny "piece", ya know! ;) Here's where to grab it at if you're so inclined... TAURUS PT945 .45 ACP (Auction ID: 13338156...
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    10/4/18 I GUESS THE MEMORY’S NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL I was innocently reading along in the current issue (Nov 2018) of Guns & Ammo and stopped cold at an article titled, “Homer Powley”. The article discusses his development of his Powley ballistic computers. Eight years ago I made some...
  17. Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club
    Or they could be out for repair. I noticed they were all gone today. Glad I had my target stand.
  18. General Firearms Discussion
    Just saw this on Armslist. Surely this can't be legal????? Screen shots attached in case Armslist pulls the listing. ARMSLIST - For Sale: M&P 15-22 SPORT with extra short Assault SBR
  19. General Firearms Discussion
    Saw something similar to this in a YouTube video.The saw horses have 5' legs and fold up. The hanger board is 6'6" long with 6" off each end dedicated to the saw horse clamp. There is room on this hanger for 4-5 targets to have ~ 6" between them. I'll be hanging 2 of the 8" gongs (as seen in...