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    Nearly 80,000 immigrants approved for DACA have arrest records, USCIS report finds Trump urges Supreme Court to strike down DACA Nearly 80,000 immigrants approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which shields those who came to the country illegally as minors from...
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    Should we arrest criminals who try to buy a gun from a gun shop since it's likely they'll eventually find another way to kill a bunch of people? LOL!!! Sorry… sometimes I can’t help myself. You’d think that would be the logical thing to do don’t you? I mean they lied on a Federal document...
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    Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, Arrested After Asylum Is Withdrawn WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (shown above center) was arrested by British police Thursday moments after Ecuador announced it withdrew his asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.”...
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    Woman removed from Southwest plane at BWI Airport after reporting allergy, refusing to leave Unclean? Muslim Prof ID'ed As Woman Who Demanded Dogs Be Removed From Plane Police removed a woman from a Southwest Airlines flight before it left Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall...
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    The FBI is now investigating the police officer who arrested the Utah nurse Put him in General Population in the Women's correctional facility !!!! GI Shower - Everything2.com
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    Feds arrest IT staffer for Wasserman Schultz trying to leave country
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    Road rage incident leads to the arrest of 2 police officers
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    Title of the thread says the gist of the question. I wasn't aware that his prior problems with the state AG had resulted in a mistrial. I have personal suspicions about this but they're conjecture at this point.
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    Six arrested in Southaven burglary Southaven Police have arrested six people caught trying to enter a gun and pawnshop early Friday morning. Officers were called out to Dabbs Gun and Pawn, 7957 Highway 51 in Southaven about 1:30 a.m. when a neighbor called about a shaking fence noise outside...
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    Putin Issues International Arrest Warrant for George Soros, DEAD OR ALIVE Saw this floating around on Arfcom, I'm sure its false news, but it sure be nice if it was true.
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    Stars urge their fans to 'fight' after Trump win
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    A local crime news article yesterday reported that a car was stopped "for having a cracked tail light". The driver was subsequently arrested for drug possession. I think the article said that the driver attempted to flee. This was during the day---not late at night when most drivers in...
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    Bikini-clad Swedish cop makes arrest while sunbathing | Fox News
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    I took this from a Gun forum from where I live , I rember when this happen and now with Orlando it puts it into a new light . Just so you know there are four shooting ranges in the area . L.I. Woman Arrested for taking Pictures of the Helicopter at Gabreski Airport - Long Island Gun Club