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    An interesting article. Update: Handgun or Pistol Against Bear Attack: 93 cases, 97% Effective
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    Four Paris police officers killed in knife attack at headquarters Four police officers have been killed in a knife attack at the police headquarters in Paris, says a union official. The attacker, who worked in the building, was shot dead at the scene. It happened at about 1pm local time at...
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    Al-Shabab Terrorists Launch Attack on US Military Base in Africa The Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab attacked a base housing U.S. military personnel with multiple car bombs in Somalia on Monday. Donald Yamamoto, U.S. ambassador to Somalia, confirmed in a statement Monday’s attack at...
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    Good parenting … for a change. Washington teen arrested after mom alerts authorities to planned school attack WASHINGTON — Washington police have arrested a high school student in a plot against his school after his mother found journal entries detailing his plans and alerted authorities...
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    Sounds like the customer was looking for a fight. Got one.
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    In a shocking announcement Tuesday morning, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said it will not be prosecuting Jussie Smollett, who was previously accused of faking an anti-black, anti-gay hate crime in Chicago in order to drum up publicity for his role on the TV drama “Empire.” Fox News...
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    So apparently there was a school shooting/attack in Brazil today. Sad story but goes to show that even without an AR, or even a semi auto handgun, these attacks would still happen. Ex-students attack school in Brazil, 8 dead
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    Iranian Missile Strike Called a Warning to U.S. Military in Syria (CNSNews.com) – An Iranian regime mouthpiece said Monday that an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) missile and drone strike purportedly targeting terrorists inside Syria was a warning to the United States, which has been...
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    From his FB page.
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    Just saw the first one from Wicker on the upcoming election. Not a word about what he supports or any accomplishments. The entire ad was an attack on Chris. And, the accusations were all lies. It tells me that Wicker cannot point to anything positive in his time as senator. Just one more reason...
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    France vehicle attack leaves at least six soldiers injured
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    Gun beats fork in Tennessee hotel attack