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  1. biloxi lighthouse pier fishing

    Catching a few trout at Biloxi light house pier! Like a sub to the channel! Thank you!
  2. Gulfport / Biloxi Restaurants?

    South Mississippi
    Ok I'm working over for a week at work so when I get in I've talked the wife into using her free rooms on the coast for the nights of the 15th, 16th, and the 17th. So where are some good places to eat at down there? I'll more than likely hit up Salt Grass Steak House one night, but that will...
  3. Policeman killed in Biloxi

    Press Talk
    News reports say a man shot a policeman multiple times either inside or at the Public Safety building last night. The policeman died, his name has not been released yet. Perp is on the loose. Pray for the policeman's family and pray that the shooter meets swift justice.
  4. Anyone in the tupelo area?

    New Member Welcome Center
    Most seem to around Jackson. Let's see if a poll will give us a better idea
  5. New Member saying hello from Biloxi

    New Member Welcome Center
    Just learned about this site today. Longtime gun owner and hunter (though I don't hunt much these days). I still target shoot for sport, and I reload for several calibers.
  6. Biloxi Gun Show (Aug 18-19, 2018)

    South Mississippi
    Went this morning. Not too impressive. Four aisles. Lots of purses, knives, holsters, scopes. Very few gun vendors. $9 admission ($2 more than last month's H'burg show). It was good to visit with Rw and Mike Smith for a little while, though. Looking forward to next month's SMGA show in...
  7. S&W Mod.10's LEO trade-ins in Biloxi

    Cook's Gun Shop in Biloxi (D'Iberville) just got a shipment of Smith & Wesson Model 10's LEO trade-ins from NYPD. All are 4" heavy barrel, come with holster & speedloader pouch. $299
  8. Biloxi Gun Show this weekend Jan. 27-28, 2018

    General Firearms Discussion
    Is anyone going to the Biloxi Gun Show this weekend? I'll be there today probably around 10:00 AM. It just so happens that on this same date 5 years ago (27 JAN 2013), I was at a gun show in Natchez, when I met up with platinum-selling recording artists Matthew and Gunnar Nelson (twin sons of...
  9. WMA Little Biloxi Deer Hunting

    South Mississippi
    I have been putting some cameras out in the WMA. Its mostly pines on the west side but there are still deer running. Anyone have any recommendations for where to go in the WMA? Just some doe right now, hopefully the bucks will follow.
  10. Biloxi military show September 29th and 30th

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Well it's that time of the year folks. The military show is this weekend and I can't wait for all of the cool milsurp and surplus items to show up. I'm bringing a couple of smalls to put on a friend's table to sell (sadly no more rifles to sell or trade away) and I'm bringing back my Japanese...
  11. Two new arisakas picked up at the biloxi coliseum show

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Hey everyone. I ended up spending the weekend at the show and came out of it with two amazing pieces. This first one is a first generation type 38 arisaka that was captured by a member of the 2nd Marine Division on Guadalcanal on August 22, 1942 as shown by the carvings the marine put into the...
  12. Biloxi Coliseum show August 19th and 20th

    General Firearms Discussion
    Hey gang. Well this weekend is the Coliseum show in Biloxi, which sadly is our biggest one south of Laurel. I'm bringing two arisakas to try and sell, partially for some table rent for my display at the military show next month and also to get some money back into my account. It's always...
  13. AG says Biloxi council could vote to fly MS flag outside city buildings

    Press Talk
    AG says Biloxi council could vote to fly MS flag outside city buildings
  14. Finds from this weekend's Biloxi Coliseum Show

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Hey again everyone. I somehow ended up with probably some of the best finds I've ever come across at a show and also maybe the biggest amount of dumb luck was on my side this weekend. Saturday I had brought one of my extra type 38 arisakas to trade to a friend of mine for some already...
  15. Biloxi needs our support

    Press Talk
    Biloxi, Mississippi to reconsider "Great Americans Day" designation on MLK Day, mayor says - CBS News Biloxi needs the support of good mississippi citizens,
  16. New member in Biloxi

    New Member Welcome Center
    Just found this forum. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  17. Biloxi Gun Show

    General Firearms Discussion
    Anybody check this one out today?
  18. Gun Show - Joppa Shrine - Biloxi - Oct 29-30

    General Firearms Discussion
    This weekend. Joppa Shrine Temple Gun & Knife Show - Biloxi/Woolmarket Joppa Shrine Temple - 13280 Shriners Blvd - Biloxi, MS 39532 Hours: Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm Mississippi Gun Shows
  19. Van Damme Making Movie In Biloxi

    Press Talk
    Legendary action actor working on movie in South MS
  20. BPSA Prize Match Schedule!

    Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    For those that like to plan ahead, here is our pistol and prize match schedule for the rest of the year: May 29th: CQB Rifle *FN Rifle Giveaway! (Match full) June 26th: USPSA Pistol *Springfield XD Giveaway! (Open entry) July 24th: USPSA Pistol *Springfield XD Giveaway! (Open entry) July...