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  1. Wax shooting blackhawk

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    At Jackson gun today. Three guys were set up and had a ruger wax shooting Blackhawk in 45acp. They wanted 500 for it with holster which I thought was crazy. It was made from a 3 screw 357 frames but had a 45 cylinder and bbl. but did not look like Ruger’s. Had big side hammer on it. Anyone know...
  2. Ruger Blackhawk .44 Special

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    I found this 2013 Ruger Blackhawk .44 Special in a local pawn shop a few days ago. It's a flattop with a 4 5/8" barrel. Other than a turn line and a couple of small scratches it looked new. Last night I pulled the cylinder out to clean it before taking photos and found that it appears to...
  3. Ruger Blackhawk BASS limited edition

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  4. Ruger "Old Model" Blackhawk

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    Picked up another "Old Model" 3-screw Blackhawk at a pawn shop yesterday. It had been sitting there for a couple of month so it needed a home. Made in 1970 and hasn't be converted. In pretty good shape for a 49 year old gun. It's right at home in the safe with the three single sixes, '56...
  5. Finally got one back in the stable.... Ruger Super Blackhawk

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    Sold mine years ago to pay for some bills/etc... dang kids. hahahaha Just found this 200 year Liberty, mfg 1976 on gunbroker and got lucky... nobody bid it up like I was expecting. In excellent shape, much better than I expected. She's now found a new home. Came with Herrett grips. I put...
  6. New Blackhawk

    This popped up for sale today by one of Rugerforum's local dealers. It is a 40S&W/10mm convertible. I'd like to get it and have the 40 cylinder reamed to 38/40. It is on their large frame so you could really pour the heat to the loads if you had a tight chamber. And as always, I would prefer...
  7. My First Blackhawk

    General Firearms Discussion
    I have Ruger revolvers, but finally got around to getting a Blackhawk. It is a 1976 .357. I like the engraving on the '76 models...200 years of liberty sure sounds good...I know my photography skills suck, but no hairy toes in the photo, so give me a little credit!

    2/15/17 Ruger New Model Blackhawk Convertible – 45 ACP Prologue Memories are often unreliable and, at my age, can often be somewhat embellished by wishful thinking. Okay, having got that bit of whimsy out of the way, let me tell you how I remember it. Going back 50 years or better I’ve...