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  1. Training
    After owning my SIRT bolt for a few weeks I finally spent the time to set it up today, it was so far off of zero out of the box that it was hitting the barrel and "Halo'ing" on the wall, a few turns of the allen wrench and it was sighted in and ready to roll. I got my webcam set up and went into...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Trying to get my privileges to post so I hope this is a good way to do that. I know everything I need to know about modern firearms but haven’t been into long range bolt guns. So what are the best brands/types for long range shooting? I’m thinking 308 for more practical uses but also I’m...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Sig is releasing a new boltgun chambered in 308, 6.5CM, and 277 Fury which is their NGSW round only in standard pressure. The high pressure round is supposedly shooting a 135gr bullet at just over 3000fps out of a 16in barrel. Thats smoking! It looks to essentially be a 277-08. Might be...
  4. Firearms Gallery
    little savage model 340 e with leupold vx2
  5. Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand
    Here are the scores from the 7/13/2019 Vintage Bolt match. Congratulations to Mr. Smith! We had a great turn out. Had some new faces as well. Glad to see all of you take the time to participate and hope you had fun. Good diversity of rifles. Thanks to all those that participated and a special...
  6. Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand
    We are having a vintage bolt match on Saturday the 13th at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club near Byram. All target will be at 200 yds and we'll be on range 5. We plan to have two relays depending on participation. We'll plan to have rounds downrange at 8:00 a.m. sharp, so please be there by 7:45...
1-6 of 61 Results