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  1. Isis killed by own drone bomb

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    ISIS fighter killed by his drone bomb after it ran low on battery & flew back
  2. Fake bomb lands Brandon man in jail

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    This makes me go, "Whaaaaaat? Is it now illegal to have a fake bomb?" Notice that he has been CHARGED with possession of explosives even though they know it was fake. I suppose all of those fake hand grenades will get the owners in trouble...
  3. What not to do if you find a pipe bomb in your garage

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    Madison woman finds suspected pipe bombs while cleaning garage, police say MADISON, Miss. — A Madison woman made a startling discovery Monday while cleaning out her garage. Madison police said a Woodland Drive resident found three possibly explosive items that appeared to be pipe bombs while...
  4. Bomb dog takes a bullet for deputy

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    The dog will be ok. So is the deputy. Bomb-sniffing dog who has protected Trump struck by bullet meant for deputy
  5. ISIS Suicide Bomb Attacks on Egyptian Coptic Christians' Palm Sunday Services

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    Cairo church bombing kills 43 during Palm Sunday service | Daily Mail Online Double Bombing Hits Egypt on Palm Sunday The Horror and Irony of an Attack Against Christians on Palm Sunday The 'Religion of Pieces' strikes the Religion of Peace ... again.
  6. 'Clock Boy' & Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed By Court

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    Clock Boy Loses in Court, Dad's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed