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  1. Handguns
    I’ve been thinking about buying on bc if there shotgun are really good what about there handguns?
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    I recently wanted to get into long range shooting and ended up with a browning stalker a-bolt in 7mm WSM and it’s stainless. This is an older model all steel no plastic except for the stock. I was wondering about the value of the gun and some info on the caliber and accuracy. I see that it’s...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Anyone have one of these? I have one on the way. Its an older version with the fixed stock, but I would really like to have the folding stock. I have done a brief google search, but came up with nothing. Anyone have any leads on where I could find one of these? Lastly, I ran across a website...
  4. Gunsmithing
    A friend of mine has a browning X-bolt that had one of those factory stocks that were rubberized and it turned gummy. Browning sent him a new stock. I'm no gun smith but comfortable sanding a barrel channel and sealing to free float a stock. Don't do bedding jobs though. Before I have him...
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    ok browning people tell me what you know about these, It was too cheap to pass up. Made in 1969, best I can tell. serial number starts with T., Nickel I think? Thanks for any info
  6. Handguns
    I bought a used magazine a while back that was labeled for Browning Hi Power. It will not lock into my 9mm HP and upon investigation, the only differences is the overall height (unknown mag is taller). Could this mag possibly be for a .40S&W Hi Power? Are there other pistols that uses this...
  7. Rimfire
    Does anyone that frequently visits the pawn shops ever see Browning SA-22's pop up at a decent price? My grandfather had one, made in Belgium, that I remember fondly and have wanted one for a long time. I almost bought a norinco knock off years ago. If I remember correctly he only wanted 100...
  8. Long Guns
    I'm a fan of the ubiquitous Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 pump shotguns... and have always admired the Ithaca Model 37 pump shotguns... :) But do we have any fans of the Browning BPS pump shotgun in the house here??? :cool:
  9. General Firearms Discussion
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    I have a 4 gun glock and the MSGO group buy bags. I'm needing one for my rimfire's. It's need to be a 4 gun as well and hold mags too. Only one oddball the rest are buckmarks.. Suggestions? Under $50 preferably.
  11. Rimfire
    This little pistol was found under a seat in a truck my brother bought a few years ago. Never has worked right,kept kinking the 2nd or 3rd in the fully loaded mag. Once you worked thru those two rounds she was good to go. The rear sight was lose,you could hit anything with it like that. Where...
  12. Firearms Gallery
    found a bar 243 lightweight carbine this weekend slick little rifle and a good shooter shown is a 200 yd group in a little wind
  13. Long Guns
    Sniper Shoots ISIS Fighter Dead From Over One Mile Away © Provided by IBT Media A British soldier from the elite Special Air Service has shot and killed an ISIS commander from more than a mile away, in what is thought to be the best long-range shot in the regiment’s 77-year history. Using a...
  14. Rimfire
    If cost was the same, would you purchase for yourself the S&W Victory or one of the (many) Browning Buck Mark models? And why?
  15. General Firearms Discussion
    Iconic Browning Hi-Power ends production after more than 80 years
  16. Gunsmithing
    OK...before anyone says anything, I'm not where I can take and post pics. Been meaning to write this but just been too busy. I took a Browning Auto-5 in 20 gauge that was having issues ejecting to Quickeye. Thinking it was a small thing, it turned out the gun had been somewhat bubbafied...
  17. Gunsmithing
    Well I got one to clean. The gun is an older model 2and3/4 inches in very good condition. The gun is supposed to be not ejecting shells. I have taken off the barrel and the rings are set in the light load position on the magazine tube. The gun is clean inside the receiver. I am going to put the...
  18. Gunsmithing
    Got an auto 5 that needs some work including trying to salvage/repair the fore arm. Anyone know if Quickeye is doing work right now. He said something about surgery. I've left him a phone message to find out. If not, anyone know who would be good to use that might also work on the firearm...
  19. Gunsmithing
    I purchased a BAR that's nice except for a 4"or so portion on top/sides of the barrel where the blue was worn off, apparently from hanging in a truck or four-wheeler rack. I would like to have the barrel removed and re-blued to match original finish as close as possible. I talked to Brownell and...
  20. Handguns
    7/1/17 LET’S RE-SHOOT THE BROWNING BXP X-POINT Five months ago (2/1/17) we reported, in my “My New Mousegun” thread, the results of our running the Browning BXP X-point through the Mousegun. Those results were somewhat underwhelming – at least from our point of view. Bullet performance from...