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    Sorry I haven't been around too much lately, but I hurt my back last week and have been recovering. This started with a burglary in my barn. Our home is on three acres outside of Poplarville and we have an old barn in the pasture about 100 yards behind the house. I use the barn to mostly store...
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    Man Gets 33 Months For Stealing 55 Firearms - Bearing Arms Eureka Man Sentenced To 33 Months For Role In Trafficking 55 Stolen Handguns A man was sentenced to 33 months imprisonment after admitting to stealing 55 handguns from a popular outdoor adventure sporting goods store along the...
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    Caught in the act of stealing firearms from a home, the burglar is involved in a shootout with Houston police... with two officers down... Two Houston Police Officers Shot, Manhunt Underway
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    Six arrested in Southaven burglary Southaven Police have arrested six people caught trying to enter a gun and pawnshop early Friday morning. Officers were called out to Dabbs Gun and Pawn, 7957 Highway 51 in Southaven about 1:30 a.m. when a neighbor called about a shaking fence noise outside...