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  1. Bushnell TRS-25 review

    Optics and Accessories
    Got this earlier in the week & zeroed it yesterday on an AR pistol. Very impressed. Easy to use, and the really pleasant surprise was that out of the box it was on-target. At 25 yds fired a 98-3x on an SR1 center, from a sandbag rest. Basically the group was about 3-4", which for an AR "pistol"...
  2. Bushnell

    Optics and Accessories
    My Bushnell 1-4 failed the other day, the illumination was not working. New battery I thought and threw the new one in and it still wouldn’t work. I was getting ready to send it back when I noticed this! J.B.
  3. My Bushnell Warranty Experience

    Optics and Accessories
    Just passing this along. Bought a Trophy XLT 3-9x40 Bone Collector rilfe scope, just a bit over 5 years ago. Scope was not heavily used but, yes it was used. Anyway, it got to a point that it would not hold a decent group. And something came lose in it, and would rattle if shaken. I bought...
  4. Handgun scopes?

    Optics and Accessories
    I'm in the market for a handgun scope to put on the T/C contender I recently bought, but when I first started looking into handgun optics I noticed two things: 1: There is a LOT less data and information about pistol optics online than rifle optics. and 2: There are very few options of quality...