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  1. Looking to buy a K Frame S&W with ruined barrel.

    I am looking for a S&W K Frame revolver with a ruined barrel. Worn, split, bulged, it makes no difference. I have some VG condition barrels for these models: Hand Ejector, M&P, 10, 12, 15, and 14. Must be in time and not worn out in the frame.
  2. 300 AAC Blackout, would you buy it again?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I have an opportunity to buy an Anderson Upper. I think it is fairly priced. (my research says) MY question to MSGO, is, if you started from scratch, would you buy the caliber?(again) 16inch, no suppressor. I reload, but, not really seeking to start up another caliber. Down the rabbit hole...
  3. New and looking to buy

    New Member Welcome Center
    Having just graduated college I can finally afford to drop money on a decent gun of my own. I'm leaning towards a 1911 .45 as I liked the weight of the last one I shot in my hand, but am open to anyone's input on what would be the best to pick up. I'm wanting a handgun with a bit of ass behind...
  4. Safe place to buy a private party gun in Jackson

    Central Mississippi
    Sometime this week I should be meeting up with a guy (that I do not know personally) to buy a gun. I have never purchased a firearm from someone I didn't know. Any suggestions on a decent place to meet in the jxn area? Obviously I don't want to go to a stranger's home who I know has a gun, and...
  5. BUY NOW...

    General Firearms Discussion
    Fellow MSGO'ers, I would highly suggest you purchase as many AR-15 and AK-47 mags and ammo as you can as soon as possible. These last two mass shootings (probably democRAT inspired) will make prices soar. Just saying......
  6. A Remington Model 870 Field Grade buy

    General Firearms Discussion
    Remington 870 Field Grade I went to the local pawn shop last Thursday and found this fine gun. It is a Remington 870 Field Grade 12 GA 2-3/4” chamber with a plain barrel, modified choke. The gun was made in 1958 according to the letter proofs on the left side of the barrel. It is not in...
  7. I May Actually Have to Buy a Hi Point....

  8. Should we arrest criminals who try to buy a gun from a gun shop since it's likely they'll eventually

    General Firearms Discussion
    Should we arrest criminals who try to buy a gun from a gun shop since it's likely they'll eventually find another way to kill a bunch of people? LOL!!! Sorry… sometimes I can’t help myself. You’d think that would be the logical thing to do don’t you? I mean they lied on a Federal document...
  9. Buy suppressor locally

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Is there a good place in/around Hattiesburg to order a suppressor and do the paperwork? Thanks, Pete
  10. Which one to buy or build??

    Long Guns
    Would you rather build a 450 Bushmaster AR? Or a 6.5 Grendel for up to 200 yards but mostly under 150 yards. I think they are both AR, not A10. I see a lot of 308 uppers now. The 450 goes back to the old argument big heavy bullet vs. small fast bullet. Although the 450 is going over 2.000 fps.
  11. cant decide on which 6.5 ruger american to buy- should i get cerakote option

    Long Guns
    I have finally decided on getting the ruger american for a hunting and long range plinking (600yd) gun in 6.5 creedmoor and i cant decide on which model to buy. Both take AI style mags and are threaded. Really just want yalls opinion if the factory compensator and cerakote is worth the extra...
  12. Miss. resident, Can I legally buy a Rifle in Tn.

    General Firearms Discussion
    Not to get into a long discussion, but Bass Pro Memphis has something I'd like to buy. I think no, but I'm not positive.
  13. What did you buy today??????

    General Firearms Discussion
    Well since I got my Gun Permit in the mail last Thursday I have been itching to use it to buy a gun without them having to call in. We were talking on one of the forums about a rifle for coyote. I ran across a steal of a deal and bought me a H&R 223 with a 50mm Tasco World Class scope. I know a...
  14. Where to buy black powder

    General Firearms Discussion
    Does anyone know where to buy black powder in the Jackson area? Been to several places and all they have is the subtitutes.
  15. Vicksburg mayor plans gun buy back to "get guns off the street"

    General Firearms Discussion
    Why do they call it "buy back"? They are not buying them back. They are just buying them. Anyway, here is the article: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Mayor George Flaggs Jr. wants to put the city of Vicksburg in the gun business. The mayor Friday...
  16. Dem. Congressman: Force gun owners to get rid of assault weapons

    Press Talk
    Congressman and ex-prosecutor Eric Swalwell proposes banning assault weapons, buying them back, and going after resisters. Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters: Ex-prosecutor in Congress
  17. Did one of y'all buy this $8,000 M1 Carbine???

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Just saw this . . . . Civilian Marksmanship Program - Promoting firearms safety training! Needless to say, that's just a tad outside of my price range . . . To quote Mr. Cliff, "Just Saying . . .".
  18. Where to buy AR Parts?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Just as the title says where do you by AR parts? Quick look online and looks like there may be a run starting on various parts for the AR15. So looking for places to look for what I need to finish my two builds before things get crazy cause looks like it might get that way.
  19. Ammo - Shoot one, buy two

    Following my usual rule of shoot one box, buy 2 to replace it. Last year about this time I had about 60 lbs of assorted ammo. Since then I'm approaching 100lbs on hand. The diet plan is working and is easier to afford month to month, instead of having one giant outlay once a year or so.:)
  20. Where to buy 22 accessories in Jackson area?

    I bought a Ruger mark IV 22/45 lite a few weeks ago. I've been to several stores in Jackson/Brandon/Pearl and have found very few accessories. I can order online but was hoping somewhere local had some things. Any suggestions on local stores? Items like: compensators trigger kits red dot scope...