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  1. Gunsmithing
    I need a gas plug port rethreaded and a new gas plus installed on my WW2 Quality Hardware M1 Carbine. I already have the new gas piston and piston bolt in hand. Thanks!
  2. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I wanted all the AR builders over here that might not peruse the competition forum to be aware of a new match we are having this month. It is the first practical match just for rifles at Magnolia RPC that to my knowledge has occurred in the last few years. (since I started shooting at least)...
  3. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    I am going ahead and posting this because I'm hoping that people will put it on their calendars now and plan to attend. Team Magnolia Multigun - Carbine Match Saturday, July 16 No belt rigs or holsters! No reloads! Untucked shirts! We know it’s hot this time of year so we are having a little...
  4. Long Guns
    Not sure if you guys are fans of the M1 family of rifles but I found some videos of a gun smith in Germany, and he has done some pretty neat stuff to some M1's. The videos are pretty basic and very short, but the rifles are amazing! Here is the guys youtube page Herbert Werle And this M1...
  5. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Hey I know a good many of y'all have built some carbines that shoot pistol calibers. Here is your chance to actually put em to the test! We have gotten PCC approved for use in our Steel Challenge competitions! USPSA and 3Gun matches to follow. We will have rifle/carbine/22 rifle only matches...
221-225 of 231 Results