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  1. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    My CCW enhanced expiration is in two weeks. I heard they were extending the expiration date until August (I think) my issue is I’m going on a major vacation road trip at the end of this month and one state requires an enhanced license for reciprocity. I see that now they will allow mailing...
  2. Press Talk
    Driver license stations closing around the state in response to coronavirus All driver license stations are officially closed to the public except for the 9 MHP District Troop Stations across the state until March 31, 2020. Reassessment will be made for reopening. The 9 MHP District Troop...
  3. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Just an FYI. My wife and I both applied for our CCW in Hattisburg on the 24th of February. Wife got her permit on March 5th. I got mine on March 6th. Less than 2 week turn around.
  4. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    I renewed my basic permit in September, 2019. I just took the Enhanced Carry class, and was told by the instructor that I would only need to file an application to add the "IC" designation, and pay a $15.00 fee. I've looked on the DPS website, but can't find any such application for adding the...
  5. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Just got back to a computer after running some other traps and after seeing the other thread about Troop M Brookhaven I thought would report. I am not reporting problems. After reading the other referenced thread, it is obvious there may be problems - mostly staffing I presume, maybe management...
  6. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    I went to Troop M in Brookhaven yestarday morning. The paperwork / website says they accept renewals Mondays 0800-1130. I was in line by 1000. After waiting 10 minutes at the "STOP" sign at the sign in desk, the lady told me "we've cut off CCW renewals. People line up at 0530 and we cut it off...
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    Im looking for ccw classes in the Rankin county area. Any referrals?
  8. Press Talk
    South Carolina deputy shoots concealed carry permit holder inside his own home; bodycam footage contradicts police department's initial explanation "Call the cops!" "I am the cops!" Jeez man.
  9. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    I recently renewed my carry permit (Hattiesburg). The process was fairly smooth, with the exception of an hour's wait (after finger printing). My current permit expires in September, so I thought it might be prudent to renew before the last minute. What I discovered is that the new permit...
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    It looks like Tennessee is going the way of Mississippi: it now has a CCW permit (w/o training) --> and an Enhanced CCW permit. $100 for an enhanced CCW permit for eight years isn't a bad deal for Tennessee residents! "There will not be an application fee for a concealed handgun carry permit"...
  11. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Well, it was time to renew my MS Firearms Permit. I could have mailed it in, but I figured, "What the heck, I'll just drop it by the DMV." I know some of you are laughing wondering what I was smokin' but, to tell the truth, it wasn't a bad experience. It could have been better but, the...
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    Excerpt from ;Realities of Irish Life. By W. STEUART TRENCH; Land Agent in IRELAND. 1868 edition. pg. 201 One of the men was armed with a Blunderbuss ; other with a brace of pistols. I purchased two revolvers, each having six barrels; these I always carried about me when I went out any...
  13. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    just received my renewal form in the mail. Am I reading this correctly? Have to send completed application along with ANOTHER set of fingerprints and photo? That surprised me. Renewal is due in April. How soon should I send it in?
  14. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Hi I heard some rumors that the CCW 1 year residency in MS length requirement can be waived in certain circumstances. Is that true? I got here in July 2018 and am considering applying now.
  15. Training
    Probably been hashed before with varying viewpoints from people. But who has the best class? I want to schedule my class.
  16. Training
    Any Enhanced CCW instructors here that could give me some info, I've got my interview this Friday. What should I expect? Is there something I should know going in?
  17. Training
    I keep seeing adds about CCW license online. The add says it away to get you CCW permit. I had to go to my local state trooper office and have my finger printed before I could get mine. Does anyone know if it is even legal. Will it hold up in court or is it a scam.
  18. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Hey guys any one been to Thalia Mara Hall lately? My daughter has a dance recital there on Saturday evening (wish they found somewhere else to have it like in the past). Not fond of being down there period and for sure not unarmed. I looked on Thalia Mara Hall web site and found this: "No guns...
  19. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Anybody been to Pearls BRAVES stadium in regards to CCW (any wands)??
  20. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    I have a question in regards to CCW. I'm active duty military and have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License that expires July 26, 2018. I will be moving/stationed in Mississippi in the coming month. Dont plan on getting a Mississippi Drivers License. What requirements/process do i need to go...