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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Im looking for ccw classes in the Rankin county area. Any referrals?
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    It looks like Tennessee is going the way of Mississippi: it now has a CCW permit (w/o training) --> and an Enhanced CCW permit. $100 for an enhanced CCW permit for eight years isn't a bad deal for Tennessee residents! "There will not be an application fee for a concealed handgun carry permit"...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Excerpt from ;Realities of Irish Life. By W. STEUART TRENCH; Land Agent in IRELAND. 1868 edition. pg. 201 One of the men was armed with a Blunderbuss ; other with a brace of pistols. I purchased two revolvers, each having six barrels; these I always carried about me when I went out any...
  4. Training
    Probably been hashed before with varying viewpoints from people. But who has the best class? I want to schedule my class.
  5. Training
    Any Enhanced CCW instructors here that could give me some info, I've got my interview this Friday. What should I expect? Is there something I should know going in?
  6. Training
    I keep seeing adds about CCW license online. The add says it away to get you CCW permit. I had to go to my local state trooper office and have my finger printed before I could get mine. Does anyone know if it is even legal. Will it hold up in court or is it a scam.
1-6 of 59 Results