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  1. China Uses Hidden Microchips To Infiltrate American Companies

    Press Talk
    A new report is suggesting the Chinese government is hiding small chips in computer parts sold to American companies for spying purposes. The bombshell article was published by Bloomberg on Thursday, citing an ongoing investigation by U.S. officials into compromises in the tech supply chain...
  2. China

    Press Talk
    I see where China is going to propose to their version of congress a repeal of the 2 terms for chairmen, and setup the the former way of doing things, i.e. dictatorship. Look for the Dems to push that if they ever hold a super majority again. Hope we can get term limits set in place during...
  3. Guns of "High Road to China "

    General Firearms Discussion
    Watched this on line; phone screen, so details hard to make out. Anyone seen this? Early scene has assassin with - might be a Weberly revolver? Main scenes at end of movie show some close up shots of Chinese using what appears to be Mosin / Nagant, etc. ? On what Tom Sellecks revolver was in...
  4. North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into sea, angering Japan and South Korea

    Press Talk
    My, oh my! "Testing" Pres. Trump and SECDEF Mattis again ... THIS can't be good, but I'm certain that the U.N. and the Security Council will "get right on it" ... or not (w/ChiCom and Russian vetoes). :warning: :warning: :warning: North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into sea, angering...