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  1. Rossi 410 choke install

    I have done a TON of choke installation. I have run into the first of its kind. Rossi 3" 410 Barrel fixed choke. During Reaming of barrel 40 RPM Plenty of Tacki Lube, same as always. Hand hold barrel while reamer held by 4 jaw and back of barrel held by mandrel in live center. During...
  2. Extended choke for shotgun barrel

    What I have. Remington model 11 20 gauge. Had a Cutts choke on it. Long gone. 19-1/2” barrel. Face of bolt to end of barrel. Need it crowned and threaded for extended chokes. Who can do this here in Mississippi and what kind of money am I looking at.
  3. 410 choke tube install

    I have a mossberg 410 pump that i would like to have a fitted for removable choke tubes. Any of you gunsmiths on here that can do this?
  4. Rem choke installation

    Does anyone in Mississippi, maybe north Mississippi ream and tap barrels for Rem chokes?
  5. Trump DOJ ends Holder-era 'Operation Choke Point'

    Press Talk
    Trump DOJ ends Holder-era 'Operation Choke Point'
  6. Republicans press Trump DOJ to end Operation Choke Point

    Press Talk
    Republicans press Trump DOJ to end Obama-era program that 'targeted' gun dealers