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    Pre-Rona at the McHenry range
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    Deer, hog hunting, paper shooting, ar15, blues guitar.
  3. New Member Welcome Center
    Hey all new to the forum. I’m actually British, I met my wife while working out here. So the whole gun thing is pretty new to me. I was in the British army so used to firearms but never owning one. I bought my first Glock 19 at Christmas but I’m after a shotgun and probably something in 762...
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    Well technically not a new member , I joined earlier this month but didn't get around to introducing myself .
  5. Coast Rifle & Pistol Club
    It's Coming.....DON'T Miss it!!! March 24th CRPC will be host to one of the stops on the Pametto State Armory Road Trip. The event will begin at 3:00 PM and run through 6:00 PM on range 4b. The folks from PSA are fresh from the Shot Show in Las Vegas and headed for the Kalash Bash later in...
  6. Gunsmithing
    Thinking about having something Cerakoted. Anyone on the Coast y'all would recommend?
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    First one,Friendly Pawn on 49 South, and man were they friendly! Could not have been any nicer or professional. I asked for 3 things and they had none of them but then I looked at all the other guns and had a great time talking with the staff there. I continued down 49 and stopped at another...
  8. South Mississippi
    1) Where is the largest gun show on the coast? 2) Is it typically the same vendors at all the shows on the coast? 3) Which is the best show for reloading related item?
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    I’m about a block away and I hear lots of fire, much be a match. Nice club.
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    Old guy who still likes reloading and shooting. Outdoor wild food crazy, currently waiting for new leaves to pop so I can make pecan-leaf and hickory-leaf ketchup. Haven't quite figured how to drop wild hogs to order but working on that.
  11. South Mississippi
    My dad is coming to visit this weekend (Nov 2 & 3). He is currently front-pocket carrying a Kel-Tec P3AT pistol as his CCW. He is thinking of purchasing a Ruger LCP II. No local stores in Natchez (where he lives) stocks them, so he'll have to order through an FFL. If possible, I'd like to...
  12. South Mississippi
    Tropical Storm Gordon Moving Into Gulf of Mexico as it Soaks South Florida; Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warnings Posted | The Weather Channel
  13. Gunsmithing
    Guys while I am a true fan and friend of Art, I met the new gunsmith today. Wayne Coley. He is a very nice young man and he has opened a shop in Norwood Village just off Hwy 49. Behind Wendys. Full service shop and he has extensive credentials. Moved his family to Gulfport and opened his shop...
  14. New Member Welcome Center
    I've been a member for a while but rarely post anything and haven't earned my stripes for the classifieds yet. Although I've bought a few things from some folks here I've had to use PMs to do it. Anyway, I have some things I'd like to list so I figured I get started earning my "post stripes"...
  15. Firearms Gallery
    I pick up these two before getting to the mad house of hwy 90 today. Colt 25 made in 1911 with box. colt 380 made in 1908
  16. South Mississippi
    Marty (@22lrfan ) inspires me with the way he's always hitting up local pawn shops, and posting deals he finds. I thought I'd start a thread for us South Mississippi folks. I primarily follow Dad's Super Pawn, High Caliber Pawn, Friendly Pawn and Cook's. Mostly Friendly, because they're...
  17. Multigun
    20180127_114956 by Jeret.Howard, on Flickr So, we had our first match this Saturday. It went great! Quick clip of my runs. We'll be having matches every 4th Saturday at MCTA on Flat Top Road, in the Stennis buffer zone. This is a start-up from nothing club, so we don't have a whole lot...
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    Greetings! I'll be headed to the Gulf Coast very shortly, originally from NY, by way of Pa. Long time 2a proponent, I'm hands-on and hope to find a strong base for advocacy in Mississippi. In Pa. I helped lead efforts to prevent and even eliminate gun free zones in and around my immediate...
  19. New Member Welcome Center
    I just found yall on here today and it looks like alot of great info.I am working on restoring my right to own a fire arm as we speak.I just appreciate yalls patience with this ol man while asking questions.Thanks kenny
  20. Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Hey again everyone. The countdown has begun for the Gulf Coast Military Show which starts next Friday. I know most won't be able to attend due to one of the days interfering with many work schedules so once my display is finished and set up at the show I'll take pictures and post them for anyone...