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    Florida college student arrested, had fully automatic AR-15 in car at campus dorm, police say ORLANDO, Fla. - An engineering student at the University of Central Florida was arrested after police discovered he was keeping a fully-automatic AR-15 in his car at an on-campus dorm, authorities...
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome Strikes Again: A College Professor Shot Himself In The Arm In Protest Of The President
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    http://www.redrocktribune.com/1a-college-pledge-remove-testicles/ We can only hope so they don't reproduce!
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    Hampshire College In Amherst Stops Flying All Flags
  6. Mississippi Gun Laws
    It seems UMMC has posted new signs, or at least I have not noticed them before. This one was posted at the entrance to a parking lot for the University of Mississippi Medical Center main campus in Jackson. (first observed 9/6/16) I've read the AG Opinion No. 2011-00365 I've also read IHL...