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  1. TMMG May Carbine Match - Saturday, May 20

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s May Carbine Match Saturday, May 20 This will be our first match with 5 stages on 5 bays so come enjoy our newly added range! Also thank a BoD member when you see one for taking notice of our participation numbers and granting us more ranges to better accommodate...
  2. TMMG's April 2Gun - Saturday, April 15

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s April 2Gun Match Saturday - April 15 We call this a 2Gun match because you can shoot the entire match with rifle and pistol (or PCC). You can bring your shotgun and use it if you want, but you do NOT need one. This will be our first match using Range 6 (Stage 3...
  3. Result of Feedback - TMMG's August Shotgun Showdown

    After a poll and discussion garnered much more response than the one here did, I reached a solution that I believe is the best compromise of all the feedback I got from the March Steel Spectacular about how to have a "special" match that would appeal to the most people. Team Magnolia Multigun...
  4. March Steel Spectacular Feedback; possible changes for next "special" match

    Many of you know that the Steel Spectacular was the end result of the match staff's discussion on how to have a shotgun match. We reasoned that if we were to have a shotgun match, there would be around 10 people show up. Well, if you came to the match, you know that we had over 70 come to the...
  5. Hello Fellow MSGO! Truly it's an honor too be in such company.

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hello, first to all Service Members, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders Thank You for Your Service. Thanks also too the Gunsmiths and Dealers that keep us repaired, replenished and ready to roll. I'm looking for a Marlin Lever action chambered in 35 Rem. this particular weapon...