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  1. Behind the Scenes Interview with Young v. State of Hawaii, Stephen Stamboulieh

    General Firearms Discussion
    Behind the Scenes Interview with Young v. State of Hawaii Attorney Stephen Stamboulie Hawaii, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- George Young sued the state of Hawaii in 2012 after the state denied him a permit to carry a gun in public. Hawaii officials argued that the Second Amendment only guarantees the...
  2. Mississippi Gun Owners Get Their Day in Court

    General Firearms Discussion
    FYI. This is from Rick Ward @Mississippi Gun News (Dana Criswell) website: Mississippi Gun Owners Get Their Day in Court https://courts.ms.gov/Images/Orders/400_250178.pdf
  3. Concealed carry in IWB holster at 6:00?

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    Some of the conceal carry laws are very vague. It says you may conceal carry in a holster without a permit, but does that include if the gun imprints? Is it still considered concealed if it imprints? Also, If you carry it at 6:00 in a IWB holster is that still legal without a permit or would...
  4. Has anyone done a magwell ext. mod to a Kimber Ultra or Colt Defender?

    I'm very curious about the looks and the carry impact of doing a magwell extension mod to my Kimber Ultra CDP. Can anyone of you great Mississippi shooters let me know if you've done this and all the benefits vs. drawbacks of this? Thanks Guys and Gals! -Michael
  5. Hal & Mal's - Concealed Carry Legal?

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    Is it legal for concealed carry permit holder to carry at Hal & Mal's? Is Hal & Mal's concealed carry friendly? I searched the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame threads and got no search results in either thread. I'm no longer a resident of MS and now live in LA. I have a state issued CHP...