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  1. Blades
    Interesting hamon on this one!
  2. Add Your Club Here
    Take I 55 south to exit 61 at Hazelhurst. Exit right towards Natchez on Highway 28. Travel to Highway 547 on the right and take the right. Travel 9 miles out highway 547 to Nesmith road on the right take Nesmith road until it dead ends into Barland road. Turn left on Barland road and come about...
  3. Firearms Gallery
    Rams horn grips made by Lone Star Custom Grips and a pair of the Tyler Gunworks Ruger Bearcats. Tyler and Lipseys teamed up and did a run of 200 of these Bearcat Shopkeepers. Lipseys sent them to Tyler where he cleaned em up and case hardened them and had the backstraps engraved with xx of 200...
  4. Long Guns
    How would you value a custom 1903 with a 308 barrel and Monte Carlo Stock that looks a lot like a Remington BDL at first glance?? I don,t have a picture or the gun but my friend does. I would say that it is in good to very good condition, 85 to 90%. Just a ballpark figure, I am thinking as a...
  5. Handguns
    Want some custom fitted grips without the expense? I think this guy is going to have more business than he can handle. Yeah they are ugly as sin, but pretty isn't the objective with these. ;)
  6. Firearms Gallery
    Colt's stainless is no match for my perspiration. And, I sweat a LOT! My Officer model was showing pretty good signs of wear, but when I removed the grips I was flabbergasted. Rust. Lots of rust. By chance I went with a friend to Pontotoc to a smith I didn't know. My friend was getting...
  7. Blades
    Jamieson Custom Knives will be at the Joppa Shrine Temple Gun & Knife show! March 25th and 26th 13280 Shriners Blvd Biloxi, MS 39532 Hours will be Saturday 9am - 5pm, and Sunday 10am - 4pm Come out and enjoy the show! Here's some of the recent knives.
101-107 of 120 Results