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  1. Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand
    We had a good turnout and just about used every target! It was overall a great day for shooting though I think the heat started to get to us that had 'sheltered in place' too long LOL. Congratulations to C. Townsend for the Vintage bolt win, Mr. C. Williamson for the M1 Garand win and my ole...
  2. Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand
    We will be having our scheduled match on Saturday June 6 at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol club. This will be a special D-Day anniversary match. The gate will be open by 6:30 with first match starting at 8:00. Due to corona virus concerns we’ll be practicing social distancing. Please be aware that...
1-2 of 3 Results