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  1. Outdoors
    MDWFP has issued some new rules regarding CWD management areas. Wildlife commission eases deer feeding restrictions, changes CWD management zones
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    watch the video and see his reaction. This was around Christmas time. Surprising best friend with a hunting rifle
  3. Outdoors
    Sorry about the hazy pics. I should of had the overhead light on. Still learning
  4. Outdoors
    Monday afternoon I had a bobcat come slipping through my fields. He was hunting and fun to watch. Then this afternoon I had three jakes come in my lower field about 150 yards away. I yelped a few times with my mouth. I called them up to within 15 steps from my blind. No deer but I had fun.
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    MDWFP - Special Deer Season Set If its brown its down
  6. Long Guns
    OK, hoping someone can point me in the proper direction. My son has a Remington 20 gauge 870 express, smooth barrel with a modified choke. To hunt deer, I think I need a regular cylinder choke to shoot rifled slugs. What other choke could I use with rifled shot? Please advise.
  7. Outdoors
    Just curious as to what everyone is doing. namsag
  8. Outdoors
    If you are able to go and want to kill a buck . Sunday December 8 -Saturday December 14. If you are able to go; looks like Wed. 12/11 and Thursday 12/12 from 1pm- dark legal shooting hours; 30 minutes past sun down on your calender or local weather station. I have been able to do this since the...
  9. Outdoors
    Took the nephew out for this morning’s hunt. Daylight broke and people started shooting. Heard about 3 shots by probably 7:30. After a few minutes Zach tapped my leg and pointed to a doe that had just stepped out of the woods 50-60 yards in front of us. We studied it a few minutes and decided it...
  10. Outdoors
    Bought one of those portable tripod hoists last week to help me get this season's carcass in the bed of my old beater Ranger. Last year, I almost couldn't load a small doe. Gettin' old I reckon. ;) Anyway, I don't know why they called the thing portable, it weighs 50lbs and you have to stake...
  11. Outdoors
    Former lawmaker takes picture of rare 3-antler deer
  12. Outdoors
    Sleep deprived Deer Hunting!
  13. Outdoors
    My nephew is staying with us right now so i decided to take him hunting for youth opener today. i decided to let him carry my Marlin 35 Remington because it is such a sweet shooter. We went this morning and saw a few but just couldn’t make it happen. Went back this evening. Had some turkeys...
  14. Outdoors
    Got my game cam set up yesterday to see what is dropping by my front yard. Busy place, I reckon on account of the blue plate special. ;) Time stamp is accurate. Y'all know what the first pic is. About a 90yd shot from my shop door. Not sure - a couple small pigs or '****? Might have to...
  15. Reloading/Ammunition
    I have some 180 grain XTP's but I want velocity and was thinking of a 158. Gold Dots maybe? J.B.
1-15 of 52 Results