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  1. Are there any sell or discussion facebook pages for North Mississippi?

    North Mississippi
    Just Interested in browsing? It doesn't have to be Facebook, could be any others. Thanks AtBraves
  2. Governor's Facebook conference today: don't worry, be happy!

    Press Talk
    If everyone just follows the recommendations, we'll all be okey dokey! Meanwhile the streets of the town where my w*fe was REQUIRED to go to work and meet with a LOT of people - REQUIRED - well those streets are full of cars, all the fast food places had packed drive-through windows (which means...
  3. So . . . I won this Facebook contest . . .

    General Firearms Discussion
    I didn't want to say anything until I received it, but UPS just dropped off a package from a Christmas contest sponsored by Delta Team Tactical. I won a .223 Wylde upper called "The Freedom Maker". Last year (2018) at Christmas, I won a contest from Powder Valley, Inc., for a few hundred free...
  4. Karma and Schadenfreude?

    Press Talk
    Some moron Facebook employee left two un-encrypted hard drives in his car that were stolen containing sensitive payroll records of 29,000 Facebook employees, including names, bank account numbers, last four of SSNs, salaries, bonuses, and equity details. Oh well... Thief Stole Payroll Data for...
  5. Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Audio Chats

    Press Talk
    Facebook Inc. has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, according to people with knowledge of the work. The work has rattled the contract employees, who are not told where the audio was recorded or how it was obtained -- only to...
  6. New Facebook Page

    North Mississippi
    If on facebook would like to invite you to like or follow the new page. Eddie E Bobo Gunsmithing I was shocked when facebook contacted me about doing a business page. Always thought they were against anything gun related. It’s new and just starting with posts.
  7. I won 3 boxes of Sierra bullets from Powder Valley on Facebook

    I "follow" a lot of companies of Facebook that are in the guns/shooting/reloading industries. Everything from local pawn & gun shops, to large companies (Henry, CVA, S&W, etc), and everything in between. One company I follow that deals in reloading supplies is called Powder Valley, Inc. They...
  8. Another reason not to have a Facebook account

    Press Talk
    Not that I approve of a person breaking the law, but I also do not approve of entrapment, which this sounds like to me. But 15 years in prison seems rather harsh to me. Anyway, in my world REAL men don't do Facebook . . . ------------------------------------------------------------ Man who...
  9. Stupid Criminals with Guns

    General Firearms Discussion
    Ya gotta love social media! Video Of Men Brandishing Gun In Mall Leads To ID Memphis mall guns: Video shows teens with guns in Oak Court Mall "He has two active felony warrants for domestic violence and failure to appear in a felony case." Pro tip: If the police are already looking for you...