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  1. North Mississippi
    Just Interested in browsing? It doesn't have to be Facebook, could be any others. Thanks AtBraves
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    I didn't want to say anything until I received it, but UPS just dropped off a package from a Christmas contest sponsored by Delta Team Tactical. I won a .223 Wylde upper called "The Freedom Maker". Last year (2018) at Christmas, I won a contest from Powder Valley, Inc., for a few hundred free...
  3. North Mississippi
    If on facebook would like to invite you to like or follow the new page. Eddie E Bobo Gunsmithing I was shocked when facebook contacted me about doing a business page. Always thought they were against anything gun related. It’s new and just starting with posts.
  4. Reloading/Ammunition
    I "follow" a lot of companies of Facebook that are in the guns/shooting/reloading industries. Everything from local pawn & gun shops, to large companies (Henry, CVA, S&W, etc), and everything in between. One company I follow that deals in reloading supplies is called Powder Valley, Inc. They...
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    Ya gotta love social media! Video Of Men Brandishing Gun In Mall Leads To ID Memphis mall guns: Video shows teens with guns in Oak Court Mall "He has two active felony warrants for domestic violence and failure to appear in a felony case." Pro tip: If the police are already looking for you...
1-5 of 19 Results