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    One of my greatest accomplishments is having children (now young adults) that are on their way to becoming successful contributors to society that support the second amendment. Here's a video my son made when I took them shooting this past weekend.
  2. Mississippi Cooking Forum
    The Best Boneless Chicken Ever!!! (...or so my family says.) THE MARINATE Ingredients: 1 cup vegetable or canola oil 1/2 cup pineapple juice (there will be no pineapple taste in the finished product) 1 Tbsp salt 1 tsp paprika 2 tsp dried basil 2 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp dried thyme leaves...
  3. Press Talk
    There has to be more to this story. Surely there was alcohol or previous serious fighting between the family members. The story is poorly written. It says that the boy was killed by his younger brother, but further down it says that the father shot one of the boys. (Kemper is my home county...
  4. Handguns
    I had first stated in another thread I had started that my next purchase would likely be an H&K P30L. I deviated slightly after scouring reviews and comparisons and went with the H&K VP9 due to the smoother and light trigger. I put 30 rounds through it when I got home and I can say I am plenty...
  5. Long Guns
    Managed to snag something I've wanted for a while and but haven't seen many at all. Anyway welcomed an RPK to my collection.
  6. Mississippi Cooking Forum
    Not traditional : 22# of Boston butt went on smoker about 11 last night, 4 racks of ribs fixing to go on. 5 lb of Chipotle potatoes Salad & 5 lb of Creole potato salad. Few dozen Jalapeño trifecta Poppers (shrimp,crabmeat, smoked oysters in Asiago, smoked gouda & monterrey jack). Home made...
  7. Press Talk
    Family of Marine who died at Wisconsin VA hospital reaches $2.3M settlement
  8. Press Talk
    HYPOCRITE: Open Borders Advocate George Clooney Moving Back To U.S. -- For Security Reasons
  9. Handguns
    last go round I only had 9mm's but I have added another caliber and it's even a wheel gun..... I decided to clean/lube all of 'em with the slickest stuff around! the three we stake our lives on ery day! my wifes 17 v. my 26 one day this sig might replace the 26....maybe! brothers...
  10. Press Talk
    Obama family will travel to Hawaii for holiday vacation Hmmm, why not jet to the gun-free zone paradise of Chicago in December? After all, obama community-organized in Chicago, and later represented Illinois -- not Hawaii -- in the Illinois Senate and U.S. Senate. The O's have Secret Service...
  11. Handguns
    Interesting article. The Ultimate 1911 Family Ballistics Guide - GunsAmerica Digest
  12. Press Talk
    My relatives near Savannah say they are getting high winds and heavy rains from the outer bands. In Groves, Ga same thing. On the coast and south into Florida family down through Jacksonville they are getting flooded out. Last night some of my relatives were getting 80-100 MPH winds. Lost...
  13. Press Talk
    The family of Sandra Bland, the 28 year old woman who Texas officials said committed suicide in jail last year after her arrest during a traffic stop, reached a $1.9 million settlement in their wrongful death civil suit, the family’s lawyer said on Thursday. Sandra Bland’s Family Settles $1.9...
  14. Press Talk
    Yeah, but don't hold your breath or get your hopes up ... gentle readers ... Ed Klein: The FBI Always Gets Its Man (or Woman) and May Still Get Hillary Yet
  15. Press Talk
    Fourth-generation Marine family says goodbye to military working dog Semper Fi RICO
  16. Press Talk
    America's No. 3 killer is medical errors, study finds | Fox News Combine all annual deaths from guns, suicide, and car accidents, double them, and that still wouldn't add up to the 251,454 people the Johns Hopkins researchers estimate fall victim to medical errors each year.
  17. Press Talk
    OK, everybody knows about the murdering rapist escapee thug who was killed by Vicksburg homeowners recently, but this follow-up has gotten zero media coverage other than 1 article in the Vicksburg Post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...