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    Score another one for the good guys who just aren't going to roll over and take it anymore. FedEx driver Philadelphia robbery - Bing
  2. Reloading/Ammunition
    I've been trying to ship some ammunition person-to-person, U.S. to U.S. without success. My brother in another state just won a Henry .22LR in a raffle. I'm trying to ship him 5,000 rds. of .22LR ammo for it as a gift. The ammo is legal in his state. I've gone 0-3 at local Fed Ex shipping...
  3. Press Talk
    Breakingviews - Exclusive: FedEx drops NRA deal by snail-mail | Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) - Mass shootings happen in an instant and grab headlines. A business and investment shift away from the firearms industry is happening more subtly. FedEx, the U.S. shipping group, is ending...
  4. Press Talk
    A coalition of gay-rights and gun-control activists is taking on FedEx Corp. for discounts it offers to members of the National Rifle Association, targeting the global shipper during the peak of the holiday season. Activists Call for End to FedEx Discount for NRA Members Gun Control, LGBT...