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  1. Mississippi Cooking Forum
    I love a good tuna fish sammich. I made some tuna fish salad yesterday, and added some lipton onion soup 6-eggs, boiled,chopped up 2- packets of tuna fish 1- packet lipton onion soup mayonnaise salt/pepper
  2. North Mississippi
    Hey guys, I'm new to (fly) fishing but have been hitting local small ponds around home. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some honey hole spots where I could shore fish. I haven't fallen far enough into the black hole to go buy a boat yet (though I'll admit to trolling Craigslist, lol). By the...
  3. Outdoors
    Enid lake, Geo Cossar state park, October 14th weekend. I'll be there the 12th through the 14th campsite #32. They have cabins.
  4. Outdoors
    Snakehead Fish caught in North Mississippi: Could come soon to a waterway near you
  5. Mississippi Cooking Forum
    Back in March, my uncle set up a party over at Cedar Grove Mansion in Vicksburg for my grandma's 85th birthday. One of the things we had for dinner that night was yellowfin (Ahi)tuna which I was really excited for. It ended up being pretty disappointing though. Not much flavor, hardly a sear on...
1-5 of 9 Results