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  1. Outdoors
    Thinking about going down to ms coast 4th July weekend and doing some saltwater fishing. Looking for recommendations on where to stay that’s boat friendly an where to launch.
  2. Outdoors
    Fishing the Fort Bayou Marsh in ocean springs Mississippi
  3. Outdoors
    Hard head Saltwater Catfish catch, clean, and cook
  4. Outdoors
    Shimano Stradic winner! And unseen clips!
  5. South Mississippi
    Youth 15 years and younger are invited to a fishing rodeo. This is a free event that will provide a good opportunity for young anglers to fish a lake that is well stocked with catfish which are typically easy to catch. Participants are encouraged to bring their own fishing gear, catfish bait...
  6. Outdoors
    Big Black Drum fishing in ocean springs MS
  7. Outdoors
    Catching a few trout at Biloxi light house pier! Like a sub to the channel! Thank you!
  8. Outdoors
    Had a great day catching trout and flounder
  9. Outdoors
    Check out the new video! Sub to the channel and leave a like on the video please!
  10. Outdoors
    It’s kinda funny that this video received more views because of the thumbnail. On Facebook everyone was complaining about being harassed by DMR for fishing. He was very respectful but people still want to complain. Check out the video and sub to the channel please!
  11. Outdoors
    Please subscribe to the channel and leave a few likes! I’m keeping the videos coming!
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    For those of you who are bullet casters and fishermen, You probably have seen how expensive lead sinkers can be. Though most guys never think of it, you can cast fishing weights using your bullet molds. A lot of guys - including myself - are always looking for ways to pinch pennies and this in...
  13. Outdoors
    Hey, What's the best place for me to take my 4 kids(all under 10) to go fishing. I live in Terry and am looking for places withing 45 mins. Needs to be bank fishing. As I dont own a boat. Then Thanks for the help.
  14. North Mississippi
    Hey guys, I'm new to (fly) fishing but have been hitting local small ponds around home. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some honey hole spots where I could shore fish. I haven't fallen far enough into the black hole to go buy a boat yet (though I'll admit to trolling Craigslist, lol). By the...
  15. Outdoors
    My son and I traveled to Sardis lake, MS to fish in the spillway yesterday. It's late start for the day since he works evenings and I stay up late. With resent rain they have shut the discharge off to almost nothing.The gauge on the wing wall shows 6 1/2 ft. I tell my son to fish 5 to 6 ft deep...
  16. Outdoors
    Any pay for fishing lakes still open in Mississippi?
  17. Outdoors
    It was a long night but we got it done! Enjoy!
  18. Outdoors
    enjoy the video fellas I have some more on the channel! Feel free to watch and subscribe for more! Thanks for the support
  19. Outdoors
    I have made up some "noodle"jugs" and am wanting to try them out at Okatibee Lake in Collinsville. Any tips on jugs this time of year yall care to share?? Best time of day, best bait, along the grass edge or more out in the open flats?? Looking for numbers of eating size channels cats more...