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    Everyone post links to articles with "Sad Stories" were Red Flag Law, ERPO, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, an Gun Violence Restraining Orders go wrong. It does not have to be all death. Just post anything related to this topic being bad. That could include articles on unconstitutionalality...
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    'Does not reflect our values': Mississippi flag ordered out of park near Statue of Liberty New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday ordered that the Mississippi flag, which carries a Confederate emblem, be replaced by the American flag at a state park that overlooks the Statue of Liberty. Murphy...
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    Mississippi flag minus rebel X soon available on license plate Your boy Phil signed off on a new license plate design with the “Stennis flag,” that is being pushed as a potential new state flag, as the design...which means Tate Reeves, who claims to not want the flag changed, allowed the new...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Excerpt from link at bottom: Gun Confiscation “red-flag” Orders were drafted and are being promoted nationally by Leftist anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. They would allow an angry relative or the police to make a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can...
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    Confederate emblem remains on Mississippi flag as bills die Mississippi lawmakers have killed bills that would remove the Confederate battle emblem from the last state flag in the U.S. to display it. But they're also rejecting measures that would require universities opposed to the emblem to...
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    "The White House School Safety Commission’s report recommends gun confiscation orders as part of an overarching response to mass shootings in gun-free schools." It's a matter of time now and we'll certainly see more over arching legislation on the books in additional jurisdictions. This White...
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    Court of appeals rejects Mississippi Rising appeal of flag lawsuit Associated Press on … · 16h
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    Have any of you heard about Washington state trying to use the "Red Flag" law to take guns from the father because the teen aged son has been so far only charged for a crime. Video explaining Washington State actions
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    On April 4th, the "Mississippi Rising Coalition (MRC)" filed a suit in the US District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, seeking to force the city of Ocean Springs, MS, to stop flying the Mississippi state flag. Here is a copy of the lawsuit, posted online by one of MRC's board...
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    Cop suspended amid rebel flag dispute at civil rights museum
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    Worker fired for bringing cooler with KKK, Confederate flag stickers to job site
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    They got Ocean Springs to take down the State Flag. Now they are working on Stone County at Wiggins. Heard this on the local news. Guess it's the naacp, splc, etc.....
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    The USS Jimmy Carter just showed up in port off of the coast of Washington last week. It was flying the Jolly Rogers flag which means it had accomplished its mission, (only done during combat operations). The Jimmy Carter is one of three new hunter-killer subs that is 70% quieter than the subs...
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    Group calls for Mississippi flag to be taken down immediately Of the People, For the People and BY THE PEOPLE P E R I O D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    AG says Biloxi council could vote to fly MS flag outside city buildings
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    SMU reverses controversial American flag policy
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    Who the hell locked this thread and why? Now, someone said we can burn American flags. Would not try it in front of me. Would become VERY OFFENDED.
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    State flag flies once more over city halls in Pascagoula, Ocean Springs
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    According to WLbT news today, I'm not surprised at the below the sewage level behavior some of our home grown politicians are showing.