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    Florida Carry: We Will Sue Any Cop Who Violates a Member's Rights - The Truth About Guns https://files.constantcontact.com/a3e33206301/1eb7b9ba-afdd-4efb-b953-42cd2f444e3b.pdf Florida Carry, Inc. has put Florida’s top cops on notice: Stop violating the rights of law abiding gun owners or you...
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    A certain young man who has military credentials, secret clearance, TWIC, and more just purchased a handgun in FL and was informed he can come back and take it with him in 3 days. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
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    Taurus CEO: Gun maker moved for growth, not shifting Florida gun laws Taurus USA’s intentions to move operations from Florida to a new manufacturing plant in Georgia is in no way related to the Sunshine State’s recent change in gun laws, according to the company. Questions regarding the intent...
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    This photo was shared just now on a Florida gun forum. It was taken at the Bass Pro Shop in Dania Beach, which adjoins Ft. Lauderdale. What BS! It's time to boycott Bass Pro.
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    I figured I should join here as we are fixin' to move to Hinds County. As soon as our home sells we will be heading your way. I have been shooting since the 50s from about 1st grade. I gave my long guns to our son, but I still have Glock, Beretta, and M&P handguns. Thanks for having me.