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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Article in July, AMERICAN RIFLEMAN. Interesting story by Barry Walling,Oklahoma. Getting his garand signed by WWII Vets & hearing their stories. On page 42.
  2. Training
    The Southwest Gun Club, Inc. and Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association Present an M1 Garand Rifle Clinic and Tournament PO Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649 601-341-8797 NRA Club # c1149 CMP Club # y35005 [email protected] Our club is conducting an M1 Garand Rifle Clinic...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    I noted that the multi-service honor guard on the Capital steps were still using M1 Garands. Some had slings, and some did not. Knowing the paranoia of the SS, they were probably all welded shut. Trump, Obama depart inaugural ceremony
  4. Multigun
    Team Magnolia Multigun World War II Match and the Beginner’s Intro to 3Gun - Sunday, November 20 It’s the World War II match because the all of the arrays are 8 shot neutral for Garands, 1911s, and pump shotguns. There is a separate division for WW2 arms. This is the Beginner’s match because...
  5. Reloading/Ammunition
    Yesterday i loaded up some 178s to try out of the Garand with IMR4895 in 1964 Match LC brass. Was hoping they shoot well enough for some deer hunting. Got out to the farm and it started flooding so i set out a 1 gallon water jug at backed up about 100 yards. Water jug is in peices, Primer...
  6. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    I am going ahead and posting this because I'm hoping that people will put it on their calendars now and plan to attend. Team Magnolia Multigun - Carbine Match Saturday, July 16 No belt rigs or holsters! No reloads! Untucked shirts! We know it’s hot this time of year so we are having a little...