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  1. Training
    Here is a video from SHOT Show 2019 with Mark and I on Gun Talk
  2. Central Mississippi
    Looking for a gun shop between mt. Olive and Starkville tuesday on the way back home
  3. Gun Clubs
    Seeing if there is any good places to shoot in North Ms. We want to go stretch the legs in some rifles.
  4. New Member Welcome Center
    Not sure where to post about a little rifle I am wanting. Thanks
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    I'm headed to Memphis to help my son move and there just happens to be a gun show there this weekend. Does anyone know if it's a decent show and worth going to?
  6. Central Mississippi
    IN Greenville somewhere in a big building!! February 16 & 17. I know Phillipd and Southern Reloading will be there. Who else is going! Looks to be a good Show for sure! It's a Big Pop show. As a promotional deal if you spend $100.00 I'll give you the entry fee back!! Will have some stuff on sale...
  7. Firearms Gallery
    Browning Hi Power GP Competition Walking around the Biloxi show, I came up on this Browning on a dealer table. After a few minutes I was like ok when you see something you never seen before buy it. So I did. I do not get excited about gun since I had and have several but this one has my...
  8. Handguns
    Check it out. :D Excerpt:
  9. Long Guns
    Here are the 2 new to me guns. This is a CZ 12ga Coach Gun that I bought at High Caliber Pawn Color case harden "bunny ears" And here is my new Marlin 1894 in .45 LC that I bought from Quickeye This is a beautiful Cowboy edition complete with an octagonal barrel. I took this to...
  10. South Mississippi
    Biloxi Coliseum shoe January 19-20. Just an FYI. And it is a Great Southern Show I think
  11. General Firearms Discussion
    So my wifes best friend decided to carry after a situation recently that scared her. The other day she showed me the gun. I said when was last time it was shot? No idea ladt time cleaned? No idea. I said gimme that thing. Holy crap it was nasty. Im sure theres been a lot worse...
  12. North Mississippi
    Revelations Outdoors. Anybody been there yet? Writeup in this weeks Monroe Journal. https://revelationsoutdoors.com/?olsPage=products
  13. General Firearms Discussion
    I went over to the Mississippi gun show website and from what I saw briefly there doesn't seem to be any shows south of Laurel until at least either June or July of next year. Is that what I really saw?
  14. Mississippi Air Rifles
    Hi there - got a rookie question. I've been told its always illegal to remove the orange tip from a BB/AEG airsoft firearm. How do people get airsoft tracer BB units onto their barrel then? The orange tip screws off for gameplay and then is put back later? Just remember not to show it outside...
  15. Long Guns
    Ok, maybe a bit over the top for whitetail, but here it is, I say here it is. :D Excerpt:
  16. General Firearms Discussion
    For some inexplicable reason, the Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme appeals to me. But I cannot figure out a good excuse to buy one. :) This:
  17. Mississippi Air Rifles
    Hi, I own an Airsoft Colt M4 by Softair. Does anybody know of an upgrade that can be used with this toy to make it bb tracer ready? Thanks.