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  1. Bringing guns in from out of state relatives?

    General Firearms Discussion
    If a person had a relative in a neighboring state, say Tennesee, and that relative passed away and the spouse says come get the safe and all the guns in it, would their be any need to go through a FFL? And, if the recieving party were to sell some on behalf of the survivor, say on well respected...
  2. Buying Guns over State Lines

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hi My name is Cody Brown I am newish to MSGO but really like the forum and the members so far My question is Is it legal to buy guns across State Lines I live around Picayune MS So Louisiana and even Alabama are not very far and I find some good deals in both States that are worth driving a few...
  3. I Hate A Thief. I Especially Hate Guns and Pawn Shop Thieves -- From Memphis

    General Firearms Discussion
    Crash, smash and grab. Memphis teen arrested after break-ins at Horn Lake pawn shop CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Police searching for suspects who crashed into Mississippi pawnshop, stole jewelry They stole about $20,000 in jewelry because they couldn’t get to the guns. $6,700 in damages to the front of...
  4. In praise of lever guns

    Long Guns
    A fun video about how great lever guns are. :D
  5. Alien Gear Holsters "12 Guns of Christmas" Giveaway

    General Firearms Discussion
    Alien Gear Holsters is giving away 12 guns. One each weekday (Mon-Fri) day, from Dec. 2nd through Dec. 17th. CLICK HERE to enter. Guns to be given away include a Sig P365XL, KelTec PF9, KelTec CP33, Mossberg MC1SC, S&W M&P 2.0, and several others. Each one also comes with an Alien Gear holster.
  6. Where in the Constitution does it say people can have all the guns they want

    General Firearms Discussion
    Where in the Constitution does it say people can have all the guns the want? It doesn’t. What it does say is this: … the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[1] Let’s take a deeper look, shall we. The Right of the People… If we look to the Declaration of...
  7. Shooting some guns and eating stingray

    Shooting and eating stingray
  8. Report a gun theft, get charged AND the rest of your guns taken by the cops...

    Press Talk
    Connecticut Gun Theft Victim Gets Rest Of His Guns Taken By Police
  9. Creepy Uncle Joe's Stance on Guns

    Press Talk
    Mom, Creepy Uncle Joe is touching me in my special place again! :eek: Here it is Creepy Uncle Joe's gun control plan.
  10. 30 Guns In 30 Days Fundraiser

    General Firearms Discussion
    Hello All, Just wanted to bring this to your attention. We are having a fundraiser to support the BFTA (Boondocks Firearms Training Academy) Educational Foundation. The tickets are $20.00 each or 6 tickets for $100.00. All proceeds go to pay for Instructors, Ammunition, Food, Eye and Ear...
  11. Well...2 guns going to follow me home

    Seems two handguns will follow me home when I get back home next month. Price was right I couldn't pass up. A handshake and $1 for each. one is a H&R Victor .32s&w. Never seen one before....funny looking, seems like a loading gate is missing on the right side, but that's how it's designed...
  12. SCOTUS: Prosecutors Must Prove Prohibited Persons Knew They Couldn’t Have Guns

    Press Talk
    Supreme Court says prosecutors must prove that people knew they couldn't have guns SCOTUS: Prosecutors Must Prove Prohibited Persons Knew They Couldn't Have Guns - The Truth About Guns The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that in order to prosecute a prohibited person in possession of a firearm...
  13. ATF agents searching for thousands of guns stolen from their facility before they could be destroyed

    General Firearms Discussion
    Nothing to see here people. Move along and fill out those Form 4473's and Form 4's … :warning: ATF agents searching for thousands of guns stolen from their facility before they could be destroyed ATF agents across the country have been working to track down thousands of guns and firearms...
  14. Help identify these guns please

    General Firearms Discussion
    Bottom is double barrel shotty of unknown origin. Middle is Mauser stamped 98 supposedly with eagle and swastika. What's the top one? I haven't seen these in person. Jackson took this pic at a buddy's camphouse 6 months ago and just showed me. Not for sale, I'm just curious til I can see them...
  15. 30 Guns in 30 Day Fundraiser for Youth Firearms Training!

    General Firearms Discussion
    Help support our Youth Firearms Training Programs! Our BFTA Educational Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides FREE training for kids from Pre-K through College age. These courses are very popular and fill up quickly. There are 4 different programs including; Boonie the Sheepdog -...
  16. Mississippi man arrested for having guns that police returned to him

    Press Talk
    Mississippi man arrested for having guns that police returned to him ‘Unlike any other case.’ Coast man gets a break in court after police wrongly returned his guns. GULFPORT, Miss. — A Mississippi man has been sentenced to time served for illegally using drugs while possessing guns that had...
  17. West Mobile AL pawn shop smash and grab: owner says guns were locked up

    Press Talk
    Pawn shop smash and grab: owner says guns were locked up Surveillance cameras show all the action, and it all happened in less than a minute. Employee Chance Martinelli said, "There was eight individuals, one driving and seven, and they ran the Audi right into the front of the building. Seven...
  18. Cowboy guns are obsolete

    General Firearms Discussion
    Well, maybe not so much. Ever hear of Matt Black (aka Dylan Holsey)? :hiya::D A recent article about him: Dylan Holsey: 19-Year-Old Whiz Kid Slays Cowboy Action Shooting
  19. Question about guns listed in "For Sale" forum

    General Firearms Discussion
    Are any of these guns listed for sale ever being sold? I may be missing something but it appears hardly any of them ever sell.
  20. Fudd guns

    General Firearms Discussion
    Ya' know, I've watched practically every Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon ever made, and I've never seen ol' Elmer reload that long gun he uses to shoot DD or BB. He just keeps on blazing away. I figure that the thing must have an infinite capacity ammunition feeding device. So I can't figure...